Unconditional Love 

You cannot explain LOVE. Love is not logical. Love doesn’t make sense, love defies all odds, all traditions, all regiments. Love transcends all, love conquers even death. 

You can’t choose who you fall in LOVE with & no matter how hard you try you cannot run, hide or deny LOVE.
LOVE will find a way, it will crack open every part of who you are. It will reveal EVERY lie you’ve told to yourself. 

It will set you ablaze & consume you in an eternal fire that burns for eternity. When that bond is formed, that unconditional, unbreakable bond; NOTHING, no one, no force, no ego, no being, no distance, no amount of time can EVER come between it.
It will transcend every time, in every way. It will teach you every unimaginable lesson until you surrender. It will take you through the depths of your own misery until you choose it.

 It will not take NO for an answer. It will follow you everywhere, it will consume every thought. 
It does, it has and it always will transcend. I’ve chosen LOVE. 


Rapture of my Heart 

The rapture of my heart shatters every glass ceiling, the beingness of who I am inspires the birthing of my new identity.

Identified as a whole, naturally, unconditionally loving spirit of God. Of everything after all, becoming it all. The breath of existence, the focus of reality.

The dream of forever more, the basking of my ever after, the freedom of my sovereignty. The light show of my dancing aura, my symphony of stars.

Is it so, yes it may be. Call forth the power of divinity, the femininity of my calling. The presence of I am, I do run through green pastures dancing the song of life.



I’ve painted the way my face is meant to portray such beauty

It’s as I’m the one who’s been saved in your love truly

I’ve found my muse as I now summon a force so easily


Happiness comforts me at every waking thought, I have everything I want

I walk into yours arms knowing that I’m forever embraced in this fate

I’m alive, now my man take what you need from me and so will I take from you


It’s the way this works, we are both here to serve, run to me, I’ll come to you

Living in luxury, it’s such a wealth way, the love we get to taste

Life is so much fun when you win the game

My Man 

The way these tresses mend with your ivory skin

A bend of fate so we could truly become soul mates

Every thought, every comforting word you speak

Like an ocean of serenity that articulates from eternity 
I know you are a woodsmen, I cherish our differences 

The laughs, the cries with you I know there’s nothing to hide

There are no words for how grateful I am that you’re mine 

What I feel inside is what they would call agape love
The time has come I shall fly with you into the sun

You’re done running from yourself so am I 

With this beautiful sigh of magic 

We realize life doesn’t have to be so tragic 
Like the sage Queen I am, like the King you’ve become 

I know life has changed us, rearranged our love 

I can see the best you beyond the body I undress
Our chemistry is every shining jewel the night betrothed 

I embrace the desire of loving you so, my man, my man

Tree of Me


Sparkling thoughts with the glory of perfection

Dancing winds life me up off my feet

The abundance of God gives me everything I need


I’m a spiritual person through thick & thin

I’ve forgiven all sins, I’m lady Jinn

I protect all men


Lacquered nails to pristine, I’m a glittering reality

Now me, now I’ve achieve, now I succeed

This is everything I mean when I say water those seeds


This is my life as a beautiful tree