Unconditionally loving 

Romantic reality, fascinating aura

So deep, so rightly profound 

A love with no limits, heart with no bounds 
You see I AM the love you are

When we come together we forever create more

Truly everlasting love is here for you, for us


My Man 

The way these tresses mend with your ivory skin

A bend of fate so we could truly become soul mates

Every thought, every comforting word you speak

Like an ocean of serenity that articulates from eternity 
I know you are a woodsmen, I cherish our differences 

The laughs, the cries with you I know there’s nothing to hide

There are no words for how grateful I am that you’re mine 

What I feel inside is what they would call agape love
The time has come I shall fly with you into the sun

You’re done running from yourself so am I 

With this beautiful sigh of magic 

We realize life doesn’t have to be so tragic 
Like the sage Queen I am, like the King you’ve become 

I know life has changed us, rearranged our love 

I can see the best you beyond the body I undress
Our chemistry is every shining jewel the night betrothed 

I embrace the desire of loving you so, my man, my man