Cosmic Love

My heart combusts into a universe of it’s own

My love begins an everlasting adventure to be wild & free

The bird of my starry eyes, my beloved I find

As the gasping brings forth breath in a universal caress


I’m just a doll, you can touch me and feel it all

You can reach me on call and have it all

You can have it raw when you drape me in exquisiteness 

My word is law, my world is surely not small


Don’t you see I’m not make believe

You’ve planted the seed and now I’ve come to be

Now take this key and take the lead

You can finally breathe now that I’m seen


I Have Everything


The architecture of how a thought turns into a thing is the story

A journey to fly, there are many realms coming through to shine

As a host of my desires I channel the forces I so admire


Like a heart on fire, this dream come true is fool proof

As I preen inside my closet of a shoe lovers fathom

I know I’m the panther of everyone’s deepest yearning


All this furniture of delight just uplifts my soul with my subconscious in control


Luxury in the service of my gifts to shift into a way of being to give


This is all I’ve ever wanted

All I’ve ever wanted was to live

All I’ve ever wanted was everything


And everything I got

The ever Elusive Envy



This is something we all feel or have felt yet no one ever talks about. Everyone talks about jealousy, which is your fear of someone or something taking something from you. Envy is the feeling of discontentment because someone has something you ‘don’t’ have. As I think about this it’s crazy to me how I’ve rarely if ever heard anything mentioned about envy.

I was just feeling a sense of envy, I don’t ever really feel envy about anything other than when it comes to relationships. When it comes to seeing two people together, a happy and doting couple. It seems to arise especially if I find myself attracted to a man and then to see him happy with his lady.

I know it’s because that is something I want and something I don’t have. Yet, I know of course it’s something I don’t necessarily need. I definitely don’t need it to be fulfilled but it would be fun to have the benefit of companionship. I’m not lonely, but it’s only natural to want a companion. I think it’s pretty much wired in the blood of humanity to desire a partner.

So as I feel this, I understand it and let it go, wishing the best for everyone. I know what it means and I’m grateful to be conscious of my emotions and feelings. Sometimes it can be quite challenging to be so aware yet it’s worth it because when you know you can make the choice to do things differently.

I love love and I love people whom have fallen in love. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and admire. Certainly envy is not privy to the fact that we can all achieve and manifest said relationship/companionship. It’s all just a matter of patience, perseverance and tenacity.

Some of you many feel envy for a host of other reasons, some people see others with really nice cars, fancy houses and immediately start feeling envy. It’s an emotion that can be understood and let go or it can be the fuel to rocket your desire for what you do want. Holding on to it will only create negative energy and block your path to your desired outcome.

So, Hello, Envy! You’ve come, now you’ve gone and I understand what I do want because you have conveyed to me what I do not want. Thank you! The beauty of being awakened enough to understand your own mind & perceptions is profound. Love is beautiful and I’m grateful to not only love who I am but love others who love who they are.

Crowning of the Rapture


I read each one of your thoughts, I see who you are

You can hide from the world yet I know whats truly in store

In this church of freedom I call upon my Lord


Every door opens for me now thanks to you, the suffering you’ve endured

Is it the holy trinity that has brought upon me the grace of infinity

So it be as I look at this white suit I’m wearing I know my heart cares


Cares for everything I adore, the desires of my heart have come alive

All you can see is everything I can touch, all I feel is everything I’ve become

I’ve opened the letter, the letter which foretells the rise of her


Her, who is she, is she everything, is she Lord

Savoring the minds of the strong, which upon them she calls

It is law, this destiny preordained a certain way


As I wander through this penthouse of tranquility

In these white slacks I confess it’s me who’s on the fast track

A man in brass was once my friend, yet he was scared and ran


I suppose this is the mind of an exuberant woman

This is what it means for my initiation

Rising of a crown


The crowning of the rapture, it’s my everything ever after

Bird Like Thoughts


I could say one thing in a million different ways

Words are like water falls they just continually flow


I often think of my thoughts like birds, they flock together endlessly


If my thoughts are like birds my voice is like the sun


If you smile it’s an aspiration, if you break my heart it’s poetry time


Expression through self coming about in conventional ways


My eyes must be the opening of my eternal source because I’m a dreamer

Do you see, do you touch, do you hear, can you taste the benediction?


It’s not like life is meant to be understood in a singular way


I am brave so I should say, I surely have raised the eternity of nothingness


These words mean nothing yet mean everything

These words are my heart yet my enemy 


Is it all so easy


Is life so successful

Am I so blessed

I am best dressed

I don’t know anything yet I know it all


My words a fire that yearns within us all


Decorating the world with every element of speech


Poets are like painters of the mind, their mouths the brush

The world their canvas