Rose Quartz 

Truly developed as a blossomed being, a rose quartz dream came through me. I bleed in candy land Angels. I breathe in sun soaked delusions. Delusions so real they manifest into reality.

Is it like a grand ceremony of my initation. Is it the invitation my beloved has accepted through the spirit of heart. Is it freedom within my DNA? It’s everything, everything you can see and everything you can’t see.

The trees, the wind, the inanimate objects, the life, the humanity, the you, the me. That’s who I AM. That’s my being. I’m freedom at last, I was freedom before and I’ll be freedom again.

So secure in my essence, so taken care of in my home. So opulent in my decor, so spoiled with early pleasures. So delighted with the love I bare. My heart shares. 


Faith: Law of Attraction 

Remaining positive and faithful can be so challenging. It’s so important to continue to believe even before your dream has physically manifested. It’s your faith and perspective that will call it in.

You will see the signs and synchronization that it’s on it’s way. Trust your emotions, trust your desire. It will come to pass if you believe despite any resistance that comes up!

Sometimes you’ll cry, breakdown and have anxiety. Sometimes you’ll have doubts. Acknowledge it and get back to positive affirmations as quickly as possible. I know how hard it can be to have faith in something despite physical evidence to the contrary. Yet, it’s the unconditional love that calls it in.

I believe, I believe. I know that I know that I know.  

Fulfilled Lullaby of Life

Lavender soaked skin wrapped in sheets of silk, a long wand waving about. A flowered girl, now a woman dressed in pearls. A mistletoe, a sun filled crow.

My freckled face beaming with the pleasure of grace. I’m all wrapped in fate to be your honorable date. Rouge cheeks gleam with preen, a beautiful lady to be seen. Revere my creative heart within yours.

This story we tell to become who we become. A production of life, a gamble of the win. A miracle, or even a fairytale I so do know. I am it all therefore I bring it all. Through me is it experienced, is it so given?

Am I to have what I choose? I am the one who makes the move. The glory of God, the creation of thought. The dreams I breathe in and out without a doubt. In LOVE I found God, I found the greatest spirit I AM.

It is as I speak because I was given it to be so free. I consciously know I am in love. Love with I am, with the essence of all. I’ve made the call. It was answered. Enjoy! 

Dont stop dreaming!

So many people stop dreaming or don’t dream at all. It’s in your best interest to dream as big as possible! Don’t worry about ‘how’ it’s going to happen! The how is up to a greater intelligence. 

The only thing we have to do is BELIEVE and have faith that what we desire is already ours. Believe it’s yours before it even actually manifests. Believe with all your heart and mind. Imagine it already done, live in your dream. Feel the powerful emotions of it already fulfilled!

Focus on those emotions of it being yours. How does it feel? Focus on that and as you do you’ll notice life aligning everything you need to make your dream a reality. But you must stay in a good feeling place so when a nudge of inspiration comes you can hear it.

If a negative thought comes just continually and deliberately think a good affirming thought. Create affirmations for yourself to strengthen your faith. Affirmations start with I am. Such as, I am wealthy, I am happy. Make them short, precise & to the point.

Say these to yourself everyday. Read them aloud, write them down. As you do this your implanting them deeply into your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is what controls our reality. Yet it’s our thoughts and emotions that control our subconscious mind.

So be consistent, focus and you will see your life change before your eyes. Others will think you are crazy until the physical manifestations reap what you’ve sown. Then they’ll ask how you did it! 

Think good affirming thoughts, only talk of positive experiences. Only talk of what you want. Talk as if it’s already yours. Trust the process, be patient. Don’t judge yourself and let go. You don’t have to be perfect or think 100% perfect to manifest your deepest desires. Let go of the negativity by continually choosing to feel good and think good no matter what! 

Letting go of Resistance

Letting Go


I made the decision to change many months ago when I started this blog. Slowly but surely I’ve kept the commitment amid many setbacks. Yet, I’ve overcome much. I’ve learnt how strong I really am. I’ve also learnt how painful transformation can be. Yet I am wise enough to understand that to stay the same and suffer is a pain I refuse to ever experience again. The pain of transformation is a beautiful type of pain. A pain to understand, to even come to love.

Because as I cry as I feel my body and spirit letting go I know I’m overcoming. I know the negative resistant energy is being released so my deepest desires can be fulfilled. It’s important for me to not judge myself as I let go. Which I notice I haven’t been. Changing yourself from within can be quite challenging at times. Yet the purity and happiness I feel from continually making the decision to do so supersedes any resistance.

I’m becoming the woman I’ve aspired to be. I think it’s important for us to every once in a while stop and take note of how far we have come. I’m learning to live more for the journey than the destination. I think that’s something I am truly coming to understand on a newer, deeper level. I often do as many of us do get so caught up focusing on where we want to be that we forget how far we have come. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Now that doesn’t go to say that our desired destinations wont be pleasing.
Because when I intend for something, focus on something and intently feel the emotions of something. I am summoning that desire into my life. Yet it’s who I become on my way to manifesting it that counts. So now I can sit in the glory of my manifestation, of my destination and bask in all I’ve become to get here. I can bask in all that I have done to make this moment be for me. Through that culmination is when inspiration permeates. People see that and it energizes and inspires them, that’s the whole point.

To love, to inspire, to create, to evolve, to expand. This is why we came here to this planet after all to create our lives through the thoughts we think, through thee emotions we feel. I’m the only one who can choose what thoughts I think, the emotions I feel. You are the only one can think and feel for you. It’s your choice, your life. Follow your dreams and remember change is inevitable but transformation is a choice.