Unconditional Love 

You cannot explain LOVE. Love is not logical. Love doesn’t make sense, love defies all odds, all traditions, all regiments. Love transcends all, love conquers even death. 

You can’t choose who you fall in LOVE with & no matter how hard you try you cannot run, hide or deny LOVE.
LOVE will find a way, it will crack open every part of who you are. It will reveal EVERY lie you’ve told to yourself. 

It will set you ablaze & consume you in an eternal fire that burns for eternity. When that bond is formed, that unconditional, unbreakable bond; NOTHING, no one, no force, no ego, no being, no distance, no amount of time can EVER come between it.
It will transcend every time, in every way. It will teach you every unimaginable lesson until you surrender. It will take you through the depths of your own misery until you choose it.

 It will not take NO for an answer. It will follow you everywhere, it will consume every thought. 
It does, it has and it always will transcend. I’ve chosen LOVE. 


Touched by An Angel 

Oh tower of love, oh rain the Sun,

How will it become, I am such a lady love 

Former to another, beautiful as whatever 
Holy water, blessed breath, peaceful kind,

My dear man, I can see you beyond all time, touched by an Angel.
Now show me what it means to be in your life of come to be. Wonderfully your girl of everything you need. In a world of fairytale make believe. 

Supernaturally in Love: Twin Flames

He walks back in ready to bare his heart, he wants a fresh start. The courage it takes for him to be this authentic is boundless. He had shed every demon to transcend to his masculine power. He knows she is THE ONE & he hopes like hell she will forgive him completely.

He knows she will but his ego likes to tell him otherwise. But, for once in his lifetime he is going to walk by faith and not sight. He is ready to bare his heart and live a truly open life of the ultimate express of unconditional love. He has set his ego aside to come home. To tenderly confess his truth, his love to his divine feminine.

The way he has let go, the way he has allowed the connection to truly take him, to lead him is a beautiful sight to behold. He will walk in front of the world and confess his love. He will never ever let her go again because he knows now she is his everything. They are ONE for all of eternity.

Rekindling Romance  

His look as he turns around and notices it’s me

The woman he tried to forget yet I was never amiss

Now look at me dressed to perfection in all my glory
Don’t we have quite the story to share as life has changed

I’ve found fame, I’ll never ever be the same

I’m more than a plain Jane, I’m a glamour dame
You’re just a country boy with a wit I’ll always bask in

It’s almost like our loves a sin yet I know together we win

Didn’t you miss me, I know you did
Now we have each other and we shall truly live

You let go of what was holding you back

I let go of all that baggage resisting my happy ending
It’s so beautiful together as in life were winning

The look, the meeting at that little corner store

When we both least expected it our destiny resurrected it
Now let me kiss you as I will, I’ve got looks to kill

Baby, your my man and I surely can

Now well fucking jam in your silver Dodge Ram
You’re here, I’m here, an inseparable pair

Without a care of the world, a love life adorned

My Man 

The way these tresses mend with your ivory skin

A bend of fate so we could truly become soul mates

Every thought, every comforting word you speak

Like an ocean of serenity that articulates from eternity 
I know you are a woodsmen, I cherish our differences 

The laughs, the cries with you I know there’s nothing to hide

There are no words for how grateful I am that you’re mine 

What I feel inside is what they would call agape love
The time has come I shall fly with you into the sun

You’re done running from yourself so am I 

With this beautiful sigh of magic 

We realize life doesn’t have to be so tragic 
Like the sage Queen I am, like the King you’ve become 

I know life has changed us, rearranged our love 

I can see the best you beyond the body I undress
Our chemistry is every shining jewel the night betrothed 

I embrace the desire of loving you so, my man, my man

The Coming Rapture

Flying with the angels of every sunrise, breathtaking golden rays

I’ll do whatever it takes to change, I’ll raise this flag and so it’ll wave

I’ll slay every demon with precision, every fickle thought of indecision

Now as every archangel has risen I glisten in the rapture

Adverted humanities disaster with the flick of a thought, so soft

Now my friends in flesh bodies will faithfully deliver

Deliver every righteous thought to bestow a heavenly collective

Blue birds nested, rested, fly now with every classy spirit

Spirits of ethereal beauty soothe passionate dreams

Light show, sky blue, silver fantasies come true

The aura of every honorable warrior unites, I’m the woman inside

I banish every last lie with a serene sigh, world peace is mine

Touched by an Angel

Soft petals fall through the bluest sky I’ve ever known

Lilac whispers trickle through the wind and soothe my skin

Delicate yet strong is the harmony of home

In this opened dome with pillars all around I hear the sound

The sound of the angels calling, time to celebrate this affection

As the ones who’ve chosen their way have made the selection

Blessed woman with raindrops to comfort every move

With the moon in her eyes she’s like a baby born at sunrise

Inside this spirit where I wear every badge of deliverance

I know I’m saved, touched by an angel in a life so amazed

Now blow that beautiful word to every flying bird, it’s love they deserve