Light & Darkness 

The darkness I hold was once feared from the deepest parts of my soul. The farther I travel into the light the more I realize the beauty it holds. Now I put on a show of eternal ecstasy, a gorgeous fantasy.

Evil, Good, nothing, everything it matters not, it matters more than eternity. It’s a dichotomy of my holographic existence. Miss me, kiss me I AM the lady fancy.

Let me stand, let me seduce in my silk robe in a mansion of marble. Let you marvel at my carnival of theatrics. I’ll become dark, I’ll become light. I am everlasting nothingness in a beautiful safari.

Every candle lit, every perfect pose, my special picture of the millennium. A star of a fine kind, a delicate master piece built with fire; worshiped as a shrine. In me you can confide, come inside.


Eternal Love

I shall burn, Shall I rise?

Will I hide? Oh no I’ll ride!

You see in these eyes,

I can always get a rise,

I looked at you once and knew you was mine.

Rekindling Romance  

His look as he turns around and notices it’s me

The woman he tried to forget yet I was never amiss

Now look at me dressed to perfection in all my glory
Don’t we have quite the story to share as life has changed

I’ve found fame, I’ll never ever be the same

I’m more than a plain Jane, I’m a glamour dame
You’re just a country boy with a wit I’ll always bask in

It’s almost like our loves a sin yet I know together we win

Didn’t you miss me, I know you did
Now we have each other and we shall truly live

You let go of what was holding you back

I let go of all that baggage resisting my happy ending
It’s so beautiful together as in life were winning

The look, the meeting at that little corner store

When we both least expected it our destiny resurrected it
Now let me kiss you as I will, I’ve got looks to kill

Baby, your my man and I surely can

Now well fucking jam in your silver Dodge Ram
You’re here, I’m here, an inseparable pair

Without a care of the world, a love life adorned

Kitty Kat

My kitty kat purrs as I serve my man these curves

Holiday smiles all the while I bare his orgasm

Now can you fathom my kissy ways, I’m your lady fave
These puckered red lips bring only pussy love

The way you come up behind me bestows more than a hug

Now give me all those manly needs
I breathe in and out with this jade pout

The way you feel so sprung, my body has sung

Butterfly Lips

The way your beard tickles my lips, the excitement of your look

Looking into me, summoning every atom inside my bones

Your manly husk has my red lacquered toes jazzy out of control

You pluck the caterpillar from the stars in my soul

Now as a butterfly I go, go, go