Skies of Humanity

The skies so blue, so appearing here and there. The freedom within that sings within the heart of humanities win. You see there are no sins just experiences to bring forthcoming grain.
Grain of love, an abundant harvest of everlasting love. Free, righteous for all. Will you focus and call forth the grandest joy of all. Will you turn away from the fear, the lack, poverty and deadly woes. Seek within, find the friend o love in your heart. The gift you’ve been given to transcend.
The happiness, the bliss, the loving unions, reunions. The dinner table laughs, the smiling faces covered in dirt. The playing children basking in the innocence of childhood. The mothers giving life. The fathers uplifting through strife.
My darling dear one, do you see it’s what side you choose? Will you focus on love or will you choose the blues? Breathtaking views, angelic kisses. Falling in love, charity for the lost. A world so loving, so joyfully found. If you look around you’ll see LOVE is here ringing loud.


Oh yes my faithful ways, My dreamy eyes

I ask and it’s still a surprise, oh my life

What a wonderful ride in a golden garb

Wonders some deem impossible, I see through the lens of unity & all it’s already done 
My burning heart, my loving bones

My darling freedom rings in the wind

I’m a lady, Your lady, Lady of the world
A cosmic child of the stars, A living fathom

I get what I want, I become who I am

My abundance, my heart filled sparkling show of theatrics
You see my cowboy my King, I am divine royalty, do you see you are too?

The true chosen are the ones whom choose thyself to be the best they can

I turn dry brittle war ridden lands into fertile grounds of everlasting life, I am the way

Follow me and all your dreams will come to be 

Heart of Glory


I’m inside a mansion of marble with so many tall white pillars

A glowing light beams in clouds of Glory, such Love fills the air

A peaceful way, a loving manner, a heart of grandeur

Now she dances through every billowing passage of eternity

Spaces of the most magnificent colors guiding her soul

Love has won, may the unity of so many, so much forever be so true

So true for all, for this love of many flowers goes on infinitely

Through a forest, through all the trees in a breeze, Princess now Queen

Flying locks of golden rays it’s so beautiful I am amazed

Freedom like a bird within a colorful dream, a vision to behold, a place to be


Dont stop dreaming!

So many people stop dreaming or don’t dream at all. It’s in your best interest to dream as big as possible! Don’t worry about ‘how’ it’s going to happen! The how is up to a greater intelligence. 

The only thing we have to do is BELIEVE and have faith that what we desire is already ours. Believe it’s yours before it even actually manifests. Believe with all your heart and mind. Imagine it already done, live in your dream. Feel the powerful emotions of it already fulfilled!

Focus on those emotions of it being yours. How does it feel? Focus on that and as you do you’ll notice life aligning everything you need to make your dream a reality. But you must stay in a good feeling place so when a nudge of inspiration comes you can hear it.

If a negative thought comes just continually and deliberately think a good affirming thought. Create affirmations for yourself to strengthen your faith. Affirmations start with I am. Such as, I am wealthy, I am happy. Make them short, precise & to the point.

Say these to yourself everyday. Read them aloud, write them down. As you do this your implanting them deeply into your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is what controls our reality. Yet it’s our thoughts and emotions that control our subconscious mind.

So be consistent, focus and you will see your life change before your eyes. Others will think you are crazy until the physical manifestations reap what you’ve sown. Then they’ll ask how you did it! 

Think good affirming thoughts, only talk of positive experiences. Only talk of what you want. Talk as if it’s already yours. Trust the process, be patient. Don’t judge yourself and let go. You don’t have to be perfect or think 100% perfect to manifest your deepest desires. Let go of the negativity by continually choosing to feel good and think good no matter what! 

Letting go of Resistance

Letting Go


I made the decision to change many months ago when I started this blog. Slowly but surely I’ve kept the commitment amid many setbacks. Yet, I’ve overcome much. I’ve learnt how strong I really am. I’ve also learnt how painful transformation can be. Yet I am wise enough to understand that to stay the same and suffer is a pain I refuse to ever experience again. The pain of transformation is a beautiful type of pain. A pain to understand, to even come to love.

Because as I cry as I feel my body and spirit letting go I know I’m overcoming. I know the negative resistant energy is being released so my deepest desires can be fulfilled. It’s important for me to not judge myself as I let go. Which I notice I haven’t been. Changing yourself from within can be quite challenging at times. Yet the purity and happiness I feel from continually making the decision to do so supersedes any resistance.

I’m becoming the woman I’ve aspired to be. I think it’s important for us to every once in a while stop and take note of how far we have come. I’m learning to live more for the journey than the destination. I think that’s something I am truly coming to understand on a newer, deeper level. I often do as many of us do get so caught up focusing on where we want to be that we forget how far we have come. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Now that doesn’t go to say that our desired destinations wont be pleasing.
Because when I intend for something, focus on something and intently feel the emotions of something. I am summoning that desire into my life. Yet it’s who I become on my way to manifesting it that counts. So now I can sit in the glory of my manifestation, of my destination and bask in all I’ve become to get here. I can bask in all that I have done to make this moment be for me. Through that culmination is when inspiration permeates. People see that and it energizes and inspires them, that’s the whole point.

To love, to inspire, to create, to evolve, to expand. This is why we came here to this planet after all to create our lives through the thoughts we think, through thee emotions we feel. I’m the only one who can choose what thoughts I think, the emotions I feel. You are the only one can think and feel for you. It’s your choice, your life. Follow your dreams and remember change is inevitable but transformation is a choice.

Harmony of Leaders & Supporters


Sometimes the strongest people in our lives, the ones we continually lean on. They come to a point where they can no longer be our source of strength. So we must stop leaning on them and become our own vital source of life. Independent in our own causes, life and well being.

When they reach out and they are showing us signs, we must respond. We must be wise to the callings of others. Often people do it in a way that can be hard to interpret if we aren’t in-tune with our intuition.

In life sometimes we play the strong role, some are natural to this role. You know people that just seem really confident, really hard working, they have that sense of stability about them. This is a more masculine role because it’s more natural for masculinity to be the leader and provider. As femininity often plays the more supportive, nurturing role.

Both roles are equally and incredibly important. Regardless, there comes a time when we have to be the strong one or take a back seat and let someone else step up to lead. Harmony and balance delegates us all the tasks of encompassing the power of strength and courage, leading and supporting.

So when it comes time for you to either be the pentacle of strength or for you to release the reigns, accept it! No one can always be the strong one, rest must come or disaster will strike. Through this I know I can now be the strength that others need because I was in the role of victim and damsel in distress leaning on others. So now the time has come where others may need to lean on me.

We are all energy sources for each other because we are all one in unity. So sometimes we need the strength of our family, friends or spouse to bring us through hard times. This is natural and infinitely okay. Yet, you cannot continually live on others energy source, when you do you drain their vital life force and their strength and free will falters.

People that continually live off the energy sources of other beings are what you would call energy vampires. They drain you, take from you and leave you feeling empty. So we must always be in give and take in life, so we can give our energy to the ones who need it yet still sustain our selves so our spiritual and mental needs are met as well.

One person can’t always be the beacon, it takes us all in a communion effort to help sustain each other. When we are strong we give energy to the weak and when we are weak we rely on the energy of the strong. It’s just the balance of what we call life.

Through the ebbs and flows of everything that is. From leading to supporting, we learn from each experience. Sometimes our leaders need to step back and focus on themselves for a while. Just as sometimes the supporters need their chance to step up and take the reigns.

We can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped yet we can see past their facade to become more of what we know we can be. Both the leader and the supporter. Both a pentacle of strength yet exuding a sense of raw vulnerability.

Forsaking our ego, our doubts, our fears to become more than we have ever been. To release the need for constant certainty and embrace the power of faith. Faith through our identification with grace which blesses our lives with the favor of good.



Sadness, despair, hopelessness, destruction, desolation even extreme poverty. There are so many things that drive people to want to ‘end’ it all. I’ve been there more times than I’d ever like to admit. Yet I know through that extreme suffering it has taught me so much and given me such extreme empathy, understanding and ultimately wisdom.

Through our suffering, through identifying with the wretched thoughts that float by; we create and give our power to these emotions which in turn lead to suicidal ideations. There were times I thought of suicide daily and even worse there were times I took large amounts of pills because it was all too much to bare.

I’ve found myself in near death situations so many times and I’m in awe about the fact that I’m even still alive. I often wonder why me? Although I know deep down it is because I have great work to do and it’s beginning here, through self expression, healing and being a light for others.

I could go into a deep discussion about the details of what happened and what I did to find myself in a hospital bed on more than one occasion. But, I’m going to save that for another day. I’m here to discuss suicide in general and why so many of us can’t seem to cope with life, thoughts, the world and the system we are born into.


All the times I contemplated and even took the initiative to take pills, it was never really to end my life. It was my heart, my subconscious even God trying to get me to wake up! “You are worthy of love! You are LOVE! Your life means something and you know it! Let it all Go!” This is what the voice of the angel within me said, I knew it. It took an incredible amount of suffering to turn from the negative way of thinking and emoting. It had lead me to my desolate mind frame and outlook.

We are not the negative thoughts that float through us, we are the thoughts that we choose to identify with and give the honor of emotion too. We can choose to honor the good or the bad. This is what free will means, using our mind, our emotions and our spirit to channel either goodness or badness.

I’ve gone through many initiations in my life and I suppose falling and allowing myself to reside in the darkness was one of them. The dark side has it’s lure, illusions and purpose yet it doesn’t bring anything other than destruction, disease and self hate. It brings much much worse for those who don’t ever seem to make it out of that rabbit hole.

Something bad doesn’t have to happen in order for something good to happen. Good things happen just because, by the Grace of God. Yes good things happen, blessings happen.

I have wished I was dead more times that I can even recall but really all I was wishing for, yearning for was inner peace. I’ve finally come to the place where I’ve let go of the negative demons and choose to live in a place of love. I’m living with my angels, following their calling. I’m not perfect, I’m certainly still healing. It’s all a process, through patience we shall persevere.

There may be times of temptation yet every time we resist temptation the less challenging it is when it comes back around. It’s all about the wheel of life we can choose to identify with the bad things that happen to us or just merely see them as initiations and rights of passage that lead us into a brighter more fulfilling and successful life.

There is NO ‘end’, there is NO way out. There is only a way through, a way through our hearts, our spirit, through the eternal essence of life. You let go and you move on, I know this isn’t what we always want to hear but it’s the truth. If we continue to hold on we will find ourselves in the same situation over, over, over again until we finally turn to LOVE and see the light of a new life and new thinking.

We are here for a reason, that reason is to love, fulfill our deepest desires, dreams and be pentacles of passion. Suicide solves nothing and only perpetuates more pain and suffering. Life is worth it, I promise. By the grace of everything that is, your time will come. Mine is now, surely yours is as well. Your mind is your temple entertain nothing less than greatness.