Aligning Persistence & Focus



It takes persistence to garner the energy to strengthen your focus. Focus is what aligns us with our desired reality. So as we persist on moving past our current mental and emotional boundaries we will strengthen our focus to succeed. As this happens we will start noticing more and more success in our life. This energy at some point will become so strong we will find that we are living the life of our dreams!

Living a successful, happy and truly abundant life. Of course what you focus is on is entirely up to you and the desires you hold within. Yet, we should all focus on having more than enough abundance and happiness in life. Life is meant to be happy and bountiful! There is so much joy in being able to use our position in life to give to others. Yet we cannot give to others when we have nothing to give. This is in regards to both to the material world and emotional energy.

You can’t continue to give out love and true acceptance when you don’t truly love and accept yourself. We must stop judging ourselves and identifying with negative thoughts and thinking patterns if we want to transcend. Again this is where persistence comes in, as we have already decided to take the path of evolution we will continue to persist past every limitation.

As we expand our capacity for more depth the internal joy and abundance we feel will be so vast people will bask in our presence. For the sake of unconditional love, they will want to be close to you, know what you do, why you are so happy and alive! This is life, life is meant to be fully lived, our desires are meant to be met. Choose to focus on everything you HAVE and how grateful you are for it and this will align you to have more!

Persist past the negative programming to ascend into the bliss of true peace.


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