What ugliness displayed in my honor,  a woman with an arrow. The arrow with my heart from the start. I always knew I’d understand.

Found, I hear the angelic sounds. I’m found, I came around I chose my woman aloud. I called her name in eternity.

I now know she is worthy, I’m in a hurry to make her feel surely. I know, she knows. Even with my humor she let’s me show.

A FOREVER after drove of a million infinite successful cloves. The clove of my heart, will you man let it become a start.

Yes, yes you will. The sun shining upon this worthy fruitful field. I have this down, all sealed. 


Infinite Love

Let you become the monster revelations predict, love you I shall. Let you become the disease I detest, eternally my love for you.

Let you become the saint of the ages, love you I do. Let you become the savior of life, love you I must.

Let you turn to ashes, let you crumble to dust; loving you I AM. Now you see this LOVE is never-ending, eternally, unconditionally.

Forever amore in the glory of what I am, with you I infinitely stand.

Rapture of my Heart 

The rapture of my heart shatters every glass ceiling, the beingness of who I am inspires the birthing of my new identity.

Identified as a whole, naturally, unconditionally loving spirit of God. Of everything after all, becoming it all. The breath of existence, the focus of reality.

The dream of forever more, the basking of my ever after, the freedom of my sovereignty. The light show of my dancing aura, my symphony of stars.

Is it so, yes it may be. Call forth the power of divinity, the femininity of my calling. The presence of I am, I do run through green pastures dancing the song of life.


​I will walk to the end of the earth,

I’ll dance in eternity, I’ll sing the grandest song.

I’ll adorn myself with the most righteous gold, 

All for you my man I’ll put on the best show,

I give you all control, now make me moan.

Eternal Collision 

My angel eyes look at you with a devouring senseof recognition. A pull of two opposing forces coming together in lighting speed. They know they will explode in the most righteous, most theatrical collision.

So they come together in the most absolutely unifying explosion. The end, the beginning. Alpha and omega meeting in eternity. Forever flying free, calm in a blaze. The comfort a mother, the touch of a lover. The purity of innocence, the wisdom of the ancient.

I have seen you throughout the cosmos, oh have we danced in lights of profound glory. When I knew, I saw. Always with me you were, nothing could ever keep this from being.

At it is was we have always been. We reached in and took it all, every part of who we are. We bathed, we healed, we sealed the everlasting deal. 

Now we do, we be, we become more than we could ever be. Our love supersedes to.the highest degree. With you, I AM me.