Pink Lips

These soft white hands rummage through your golden body, these pink lips caress the soul 

I am a woman I was born in the totality of it all, You my man the sacredness of me

The opposite, the mirror of my love

The everlasting eternal nature of who we are, The star of my life to be your wife

Oh my I’m a girl with so much love to shine and now you’re mine


Unconditionally loving 

Romantic reality, fascinating aura

So deep, so rightly profound 

A love with no limits, heart with no bounds 
You see I AM the love you are

When we come together we forever create more

Truly everlasting love is here for you, for us

Lady Jade

Lady, lady Jade basks in her glory & fame

I won’t trade, I won’t bleed within your cube of decree

I’m everything I want to be, whenever I want to be

Don’t you see I’m flying free, Light up this world of my serene



Love letter to You


I just want to write you a letter telling you how much I love you and truly appreciate you. You do so much for me, you make me so incredibly happy. The joy in my heart is beyond anything I knew possible.

Waking up next to you, resting my head on your shoulder. The sound of your voice when you tell me you love me, these things make my heart dance. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted & you’re finally here. You love me more than I ever knew possible to be loved. You treat me like the most beautiful Queen. There are no words to express the depth of my unwavering devotion to you.

Our life is so truly magical. Literally we travel wherever we want, we buy whatever we want. We are so privileged. It’s truly a living fantasy. Beyond all of that we inspire so many with our love, our lifestyle. That fulfillment exceeds even the biggest diamond & you know I love diamonds! Hehehe.

We have the most supportive, amazing friends and family. I am so very thankful for them. Everything is so wonderful. Sure we aren’t perfect and I love that. That we don’t always have to agree, that we can still be in love and have our own opinions.

Your strength, your discipline and stamina is so appealing to me. We fit and compliment each other so beautifully. I love every day, every minute with you. Sharing every part of who I am. I never knew that there could be a bond so exclusive, so exquisite. It blows my mind.

I am so blessed! I love you, I love our life and forever, always, unconditionally I am yours.

Born to Rule 

The ashes from her rebirth have turns to diamonds and cash

She paints her face with gold in the mirror of every glory filled moment 

Coiffed to the glistening of God, she struck oil and is living such a way 
A way to be admired even envied if that’s what they prefer, yet it’s just life for her 

Now I discern as I am the woman who turned metal into gold, I am the show 

Now I bask in my beautiful home as I have reaped what I’ve sewn 
As my glamour flies into the most glorious rapture, I inspire millions to become masters 

I preen in what makes me such a jewel, I love that I was born to rule