Heart of Glory


I’m inside a mansion of marble with so many tall white pillars

A glowing light beams in clouds of Glory, such Love fills the air

A peaceful way, a loving manner, a heart of grandeur

Now she dances through every billowing passage of eternity

Spaces of the most magnificent colors guiding her soul

Love has won, may the unity of so many, so much forever be so true

So true for all, for this love of many flowers goes on infinitely

Through a forest, through all the trees in a breeze, Princess now Queen

Flying locks of golden rays it’s so beautiful I am amazed

Freedom like a bird within a colorful dream, a vision to behold, a place to be


Born to Rule 

The ashes from her rebirth have turns to diamonds and cash

She paints her face with gold in the mirror of every glory filled moment 

Coiffed to the glistening of God, she struck oil and is living such a way 
A way to be admired even envied if that’s what they prefer, yet it’s just life for her 

Now I discern as I am the woman who turned metal into gold, I am the show 

Now I bask in my beautiful home as I have reaped what I’ve sewn 
As my glamour flies into the most glorious rapture, I inspire millions to become masters 

I preen in what makes me such a jewel, I love that I was born to rule 

Famous Housewife 

As I flutter like a butterfly that’s just been born again, I know I now live 

I’ve commited many sins yet I’ve been forgiven at whim, I love this feeling

I know this is what it’s like to win, I’m in the hall of fame 
Life will never be the same, I’m forever free from the egoes cage 

I bathe in jade as I summon my man to serve me in all ways 

As I take this stage, I place my hands upon the podium of every dream 
This is life in my dream home where I bake like a little wife serving over the stove 

Lucid red lips await you everyday, I’m living in a world that knows my name 


I found the the rose you placed in my subconscious mind

I knew when I found it I was shining in what makes me who I am 

As I am such a lamb yet even so powerful like a million Angels 
I come to the humans and cradle their souls in my love 

Blessing the ones whom believe in their dreams, I turn them into reality 

Holy rite is the passage of where I’ve been, I ascended yet again 
I smile at the prospects of everything I’ve achieved in my fruitful garden 

I dance through my realization so glad everything has come to manifestation 

I found the process much more than I ever imagined yet now I seethe 
Seethe in the glory of what it means to create, to win with everything 

It happened because I believed even when death was near, through every tear 

Faith came tenfold and saved the day, now I’m flying in my fame
This is the story of a winner, a woman who despite all odds achieved more than the world had every known 

The Power of Belief: Law of Attraction



The secret formula, the genie in the bottle, your every wish fulfilled. Belief will literally move mountains, change lives and heal the sick. You’ve got to BELIEVE! This is how you transform your life, win big & attract everything you want. Becoming everything you want all happens through belief! So now you wonder how are beliefs formed? Beliefs are only thoughts continually repeated and programmed into your subconscious mind.

Once you think something for a length of time and give it enough emotion it sinks into your subconscious mind and you have a belief/habit. Now you are probably like well I have some funky beliefs & habits! We all do, we have been programmed by our parents, religious affiliations, society, television, etc. If some of these beliefs suit you & help you thrive and make you feel good then keep them!

Yet we are all bound to have beliefs that don’t suit us. Beliefs that are honestly just mean, hateful and bad for us! Beliefs that we aren’t worthy of living a grand life. Beliefs that we can’t have everything we want because we might be considered immoral. That we can’t be wealthy, happy or successful because it’s for them and not us.

Yet as you are beginning to now realize you are worth of living a life of abundance, wealth, happiness, health and true peace. The creator of ALL things God/Universe wants us all to flourish and live in heaven. It’s your choice by your free will to change your thoughts which will change your reality. Repeat good thoughts to yourself, create good visions & scenarios in your mind. When you do this enough & give it enough power it will manifest.

Your life will change so fast, so dramatically and so beautifully when you make the decision to consciously become aware of what you are creating. It’s a process, don’t judge yourself and most importantly be kind to yourself as you feel yourself to the life you want. Feel as if you already have that soulmate, the peace you desire, the wealth you so deserve. Feel it and envision yourself already having it, imagine you’ve already won!

Do this and believe with all your heart and soul and oh the beautiful glory that you shall witness!



It all came in a rush just as I was walking off into a state of bliss

Every wish has now come true, I’m no longer living blue 

I partake in this ritual of extravagance with all the cameras flashin
Is it everything I’ve hoped for, is it everything I wanted, is there more?

I just know I’m grateful for the honor of being placed on a throne of white roses 

I’ve reaped, I’ve sown, now I walk across this stage as I become a true dame 
I bleed every color into a million summers, I’m every free flying bird 

I serve my fate, I bask in all this glory and give every part of my story

Grand prize winner is who she became yet her heart is still the same