You’ve unlocked me with your purity of heart. Your righteous love of self. The romantic words you’ve said and truly felt. You surrendered against all odds.

You gave up control, casting your fears upon me. Now I declare you an initiate of the highest degree, awareness of infinitity. 

Crowned with christed love, a ribbon of protection for an eternity in heaven. My dear one, my darling love. You my royal child, my rainbow heart you were born to be a star. I can never go far as I’m forever in your heart.

You enchanted one, a diamond silver ray. Flying high, a trust in the eyes. Life has chosen you to rise, enjoy the ride. Never forget I AM always inside, here to confide. NOW enjoy your prize, live it up, feel alive!


Law of Attraction: Pushing the Boundaries!

Pushing the boundaries!


Pushing our boundaries, expanding our mind so we can create and manifest the life we truly desire. It’s all about fueling the raging fire within ourselves. The fire that calls out to us to beckon the existence we are meant to live. To experience life in all it’s grandeur and beauty. In order to transition from one place in life to another place, we must expand.

Expansion is the very embodiment of life in every form. We are continually and constantly expanding to develop character through experience. When we are not expanding we are suffering. We now know that we have chosen evolution and expansion over suffering. So with that choice being made we must now continually push our boundaries and challenge ourselves to go beyond what we think we are capable of, expanding our horizons.

It can feel quite uncomfortable and anxiety is bound to pop up. Yet this is when we take deep breaths and understand that we must venture outside of current vibration to become the frequency of the life we are truly desiring. So lets all use this new year to push our selves to succeed. To know we are worthy of every dream we can dream.

If we can imagine it, visualize it, believe it within our hearts and let go with complete faith that that thy will is done; it will happen! There is no other way. This is how the manifestation process works, we must continually and consciously focus on only what we want and the emotions that those goals bring. Feel it as you already have it and trust that it is yours!



Seething in all this passion as I cash this check

Half insane is what it takes to make gains in a matrix aloud

I float on ten thousand clouds as I’m now found


My reputation makes its rounds and I accept that as I should

I could always disappear yet I care to much, I take pride in being seen

The secret of how it all works is how I became Holly Ann Kurt


I pick up my eyes, I plaster on the most joyful face

It’s all reality, it’s just a fact that I breathe in golden air

Cameras dare get the best angle


I blink in desire as I’m completely on fire

 Burn me in the glory of what it means to be a winner

Burn me like a witch as I know all the esoteric secrets


Yet I know you wont, I’ve achieved this for a reason

It will last so many seasons, I smile in the face of every heathen

Hermaphrodite of Virginity


I walk across this ocean swaying in allowance as I know I’m ethereal

Reception of dainty smirks, protecting the ones who were previously hurt

Sir Woman, Madam Gentleman


It’s all a reversal of roles, breaking of the bonds of tradition

Glistening turmoil from the watchers, can’t stand what I have to offer


My sea is soft


I call out to the ones who imagine their lost, I know they are not

Drafts of supernatural bliss come to intertwine it’s vision

We all shift, fanciful tryst


Water in my zone of sentimental addition

You are not alone,  I’m a reborn virgin

Pregnant with the new found hermaphrodite


Goddess, God

I’ve birthed the one

I’ve slayed gold to become a disposition of my treasure trove


Chorus of endless perfection, I chose my child for selection

I birthed the key through this essence

Is it a human, no it surely is not


It’s the emphatic spectacle of every last burning desire

A fire of a thousand suns


Every God beats this drum

I birthed my new found son


My daughter and him

Both one

Prophecy of Light


Traveling through this storm of prophecies, knowing they are watching me

A snicker, laugh from the ones on the left, a pat on the back from the right

I shall summon everything I can to exude this light, help the world overcome strife


Deep in the woods where a pack of wolves snarl weapons

I’m just a woman on a mission to bring about a time of progression

Challenging beliefs, fickle indecision’s, my ignition is gaining momentum


A fighter, a lover, a friend even a foe, I’ve come to realize I see myself in all

Failed, succeeded, blown away with a fierce loyalty of my faithful gifts

Gifts of a dimension far beyond, here we are in this lodge


A mansion, a lodge, a window of proportions so large my eyes take hold

Men in suits come out, knowing their challenge they had me a chalice

I refuse to channel their demons, drink their poison


Taken their knowledge, gained initiation without their ranks

Safe to say I’ve got the power to overcome esoteric ways

All for this new age craze, now come what may

Banquet of Opulence


Ruby ring fits like perfection, jewels on display has her attention

Gifts of diamonds, emeralds, stones of exquisite cultivation

An event of my celebration, philanthropy is my destiny


Five star, list of decision makers while I take a minute to ponder

Escaping to a stone drawing room, whispering to the talent to rise

Come upon me this is no time to shy, premium membership

A ticket for opulence, solicitude kindling the way a reward comes


Conspiracy for the uninitiated, game for the players

Dangerous yet knowledgeable, I’m not quite so gullible

God saved me, he says I’m unstoppable, so lovable


Median juncture, surrounded by all these black caped masked faces

Embellished in white lace to conquer these psychotic fiends



Make believe friends, deception as there reverend

Bishop of iniquity claims his throne, proceeds to try and take hold

You bare no power here, I’m here to summon a Love beyond fear


Body of light, burning these forsaken spirits in scared rite

Passage now lucid for my walk with God

It’s my time to portray posture of divinity, feminine whims


Banquet of holiness, feast of grand honor

Only for the ones invited with due respect, the beauty of the elite intellect

All for the people, the true ones blessed