Faith: Law of Attraction 

Remaining positive and faithful can be so challenging. It’s so important to continue to believe even before your dream has physically manifested. It’s your faith and perspective that will call it in.

You will see the signs and synchronization that it’s on it’s way. Trust your emotions, trust your desire. It will come to pass if you believe despite any resistance that comes up!

Sometimes you’ll cry, breakdown and have anxiety. Sometimes you’ll have doubts. Acknowledge it and get back to positive affirmations as quickly as possible. I know how hard it can be to have faith in something despite physical evidence to the contrary. Yet, it’s the unconditional love that calls it in.

I believe, I believe. I know that I know that I know.  


Twin Flames

You torched me with your rod of fire, down in a blaze we went. Rose from the dust to birth a new run.

Run of life, the dance of eternal time. The way you see me beyond what I know. The way you conquer my divine soul. With you I give up all control.

So in the zone, forever nurtured & never alone. I have you in my trove, I’m your fantasy to behold.

Everything you’ve wanted, everything you used to deny. You hid from yourself & I loved you beyond it all. Beyond my own suffering, beyond the trail of tears.

Now that we reunite without any fear. You’ve found yourself, so have I. Now shall we get lost in each other as the cosmos have decreed. I am your eternal lady you see. Here is all your dreams come to be.


You’ve unlocked me with your purity of heart. Your righteous love of self. The romantic words you’ve said and truly felt. You surrendered against all odds.

You gave up control, casting your fears upon me. Now I declare you an initiate of the highest degree, awareness of infinitity. 

Crowned with christed love, a ribbon of protection for an eternity in heaven. My dear one, my darling love. You my royal child, my rainbow heart you were born to be a star. I can never go far as I’m forever in your heart.

You enchanted one, a diamond silver ray. Flying high, a trust in the eyes. Life has chosen you to rise, enjoy the ride. Never forget I AM always inside, here to confide. NOW enjoy your prize, live it up, feel alive!

The Coming Rapture

Flying with the angels of every sunrise, breathtaking golden rays

I’ll do whatever it takes to change, I’ll raise this flag and so it’ll wave

I’ll slay every demon with precision, every fickle thought of indecision

Now as every archangel has risen I glisten in the rapture

Adverted humanities disaster with the flick of a thought, so soft

Now my friends in flesh bodies will faithfully deliver

Deliver every righteous thought to bestow a heavenly collective

Blue birds nested, rested, fly now with every classy spirit

Spirits of ethereal beauty soothe passionate dreams

Light show, sky blue, silver fantasies come true

The aura of every honorable warrior unites, I’m the woman inside

I banish every last lie with a serene sigh, world peace is mine

Law of Attraction: Pushing the Boundaries!

Pushing the boundaries!


Pushing our boundaries, expanding our mind so we can create and manifest the life we truly desire. It’s all about fueling the raging fire within ourselves. The fire that calls out to us to beckon the existence we are meant to live. To experience life in all it’s grandeur and beauty. In order to transition from one place in life to another place, we must expand.

Expansion is the very embodiment of life in every form. We are continually and constantly expanding to develop character through experience. When we are not expanding we are suffering. We now know that we have chosen evolution and expansion over suffering. So with that choice being made we must now continually push our boundaries and challenge ourselves to go beyond what we think we are capable of, expanding our horizons.

It can feel quite uncomfortable and anxiety is bound to pop up. Yet this is when we take deep breaths and understand that we must venture outside of current vibration to become the frequency of the life we are truly desiring. So lets all use this new year to push our selves to succeed. To know we are worthy of every dream we can dream.

If we can imagine it, visualize it, believe it within our hearts and let go with complete faith that that thy will is done; it will happen! There is no other way. This is how the manifestation process works, we must continually and consciously focus on only what we want and the emotions that those goals bring. Feel it as you already have it and trust that it is yours!