A kiss in this misty weather, I am forever flying, floating as a feather. Whether or not you see what I do, I know who I am.

A game of love, a freedom of self, a journey within. This is where it all begins. Healing to be done, let me bathe you in the sun.

I beat this drum, this drum of love. This beckoning romance where the future awaits in the past. It’s my Sunday mass where I worship a spirit of love.

Glassy eyes, halos around my crown. In the name of The One, I am found. Safe and sound I’ve made my rounds, I will never allow myself to be bound.

I went up, then down. As above so below. I won my golden ticket, my rainbrow prize. I’m the godly goddess of this new age ride.


Sermon for Sinners


Heroine of lace beginnings, I sermon for the ones in sin

Listen, listen you can begin again, walk to me in this lovers den

Blue dreams seem to me to be the way I become who I am


What I aspire to be, who I chose to see in the mirror

The portal of reflection that builds or destroys, my life is no ploy

I may be a glamour enthusiast who can act quite coy


Yet, I’m more than a decorative show piece

I’m in my own feat, now you my patrons take your seats

You’ve joined the ascension of the grand tranquil bright


A sight of seven billion destinies, I’m just quite so festive

Now you sleepy ones get your rest, I’ve taken my test

Called, called, yes I was, love is my home, beauty I’ve sewn


Will you show me the light you hide inside

I won’t bare to let you contrive, it’s all about ease

Don’t you see I am glee


This fashionably designed aura I’m so sure of

Shown off, the applause of the collective, I’ve been so selective

Spectators of the forces of unknown, eyes with hearts to teach


Reach, reach, reach, I’m a baby blue seed come to fruition, blossomed

The rising of a soul, a spirit, unspeakably unknown to step in place

All for this time of lace beginnings

Billionaire Ballerina


As I look down at this street lined in gold, I conjure a sculpture in my third eye

All around the way the colorful lights unite with the crisp air

On my way to sacrifice everything I’ve got to bring forth the vision of dreams

Pregnant with anticipation, ready to birth this well thought out plan

Riding on top of the pentacle of harmony, an army of insane lovers

Sashaying to the curtain calling in these satin demi pointe slippers

Ballet of a celebrated lady, climbing the social ladder to marry a billionaire

To pray, pray, pray, doing exactly what my mother would say

Vain goals, yet a loving intention, fame minded through an amethyst light


Security detail as I ride through the city streets, flowers being flung at me

Windows down, the sounds of so many voices, the faces of my people

I must come to honor my name, to become a voice of reason

I’m in this painting, created by the delicate decisions of every musician

Orchestra of dance as I take his hand and become a new woman yet again