Bountiful Oracle

The great permission slip, the oracle of prophecy. A wish granted, a testimonial of truth. A declaration of wealth, a pentacle of successful honor.

Dripping in green, green leaves that dance in fields of kind birds. Freely golden, freely frozen, freely risen, freely loved. Luxurious gowns flowing in the mystical breeze, a security of lineage. A lineage of entitlement and prestige.

Fabulous jewels adorn me in emerald means. Haughty in decor of opulence, dancing in purity of holy nature. Esteemed in the exclamation of righteous birth right.

Exalted as most desirable, irresistible to brazen beauty. Stone angels watch my soul, my freedom of self is in control. Surrendered to a spirit of greatness. The delicate aspirations, the feverish desires of my heart.

Mansions of tenderness, pillars of silvers and pearls. Clouds of cherubs, serpahim beholds. Glamour washed in a bath of extravagance. Lips of red sun, skin of milk. 

A paradise, a terra nova of spinning delight. Delicious, exposed, vulnerable by my bare body. Nursing the elements of life with my bountiful ways. Shows and spectacles of extraordinaire. Ribbons, banters, a crown of stars.

Pristine in presence, peace in my reverence. Whistling candles, portraits of a fanciful life. A truly diamond mind, a clarity of sight. I am alive.


Born to Rule 

The ashes from her rebirth have turns to diamonds and cash

She paints her face with gold in the mirror of every glory filled moment 

Coiffed to the glistening of God, she struck oil and is living such a way 
A way to be admired even envied if that’s what they prefer, yet it’s just life for her 

Now I discern as I am the woman who turned metal into gold, I am the show 

Now I bask in my beautiful home as I have reaped what I’ve sewn 
As my glamour flies into the most glorious rapture, I inspire millions to become masters 

I preen in what makes me such a jewel, I love that I was born to rule 

Little Lovers


I took a little walk and bought myself a winning prize

I have a cute ticket to success as I’m dressed in the best

Lady success I must confess you look like a supreme Queen


Now watch me as I feed the poor in all my glamour allure

For sure I take care of the weak I mean after all I’m a holy seed

It’s so easy to breathe when you can be everything you need


Now all you little lovers under lily silk covers, I’m your mother

The sooner you see that you can be a star in the eyes of self

There will be nothing you can’t overcome, just know all is well


Now as I fly high in this darling jet, baby love I’m set for life

It’s so much fun to be an honorable wife, he’s all mine



Goodbye to your ways, I no longer resonate

I’m free for my sake as I’ve sealed my fate


Off on first class flights

This gold is mine



I saw all the signs and with that I knew it was all right

My body as light as I take a look inside


Inside the mind of all this bliss I’ve conjured, the wait is no longer


I feel like a millionaire without even a care

Beautiful Mind

Build the temple of your beautiful mind at my feet

Bury the seed to your world of make believe inside my heart

Know that with the power of will it shall materialize thy deal


Sealed through the honorary podium where I stand and smile

All the while I’ve asked you to come home and take your inheritance

No wary minds or fickle beliefs, this power it’s all a scene


Scene of the greatest masterpiece to take the screen

It’s all because I chose to believe and the universe demanded me seen

Infinite decision of ultimate victory, tastes like sweet, sweet hickory


As these arms fly and these hands float I feel the felt fantasy

Now dress me in designer labels because with this ritual I’m able

Rich Bitch


Spiritual bitch, some call me a witch

I smile at their dis, it’s just free press


I’m just a kitty on holiday, lolly dreams

Pink lip gloss in my hand

Out of this realm, drugged on life


I ain’t no fake, high fives in this sweet ride

Blunts passing, bake, bake

Careening thoughts, I love that Prada purse I just bought


Vanity could lead to my insanity


Rich bitch with a magic priss

Now fucking serve me I insist