Lighthearted Desire 

In these sparkling slippers I meet a man who’s quite so dapper

It this the one I’ve been searching forever & ever after

I mastered my mind, my heart, my soul
I’m on a roll allowing every beautiful dream to take hold

I look into his eyes and I know he’s everything I prize 

This amazing pride I feel when I kiss those lips
This must be bliss as I dance in a fit of joy

It’s all so light hearted in the way we let go and attract 

Attract every desire as we become the raging fire 
Fire of our dreams, it’s so beautiful to see

So graceful and elegant, I preen in what life means

Now look at me in these jeans I let my man take the lead 


Dharma Perfection


Masks of jewelry is this butterfly darling

Star bright in the spoken tongue of dharma

Ballerinas dance in the synchronicity of time


I told you my sweet vixen child this is a sign

I’ve let go of the lies and I won’t fucking hide

The cortisol of hormonal perfection has taught many lessons


Now step forth into this session and you’ll get your blessing

Every powdered face confessing what it takes for gods sake

I’m not late, I’ve summoned my fate


Every fantasy, dream and the fathoms of make believe

The universe has me now deemed and so I shall proceed

Story of Joan


Every porch you’ve ever dreamed of sipping cocktails on

Smoking cigarettes to pass the time in this social event

What a bright time in this vision come a live


I see the way masters achieve 

It’s like in my life I can finally see clearly

On this porch gleaming with wrought iron allure 


It’s as I look back and realized I’ve made my dreams my cure

Party for my people, for the believing ones

Don’t you want to join, a life as a wife adorned


No thorn on this rose, I’m dressed in all the best clothes

I smile and thank my foes for they were one reason I rose


This is the story of Joan

Queen of Men


Peering over the newspaper his eyes lock with mine

I turn the key and set the mystery free

A luncheon in progress, his mind on business


A matter at hand is what brought me here

A debatable stance he discusses with the like

His shirt unbuttoned one too many, Ah his pride


I excuse myself from the discussion, my heart wondering

Mind pondering, I brace my hands on the stone terrace ledge

The partition of the other room sets me free


I open my antique clutch,  pull out my compact for a vain touch

Dolled to perfection

CoCo Chanel is the way it’s spelled, I purse my lips to applicate


Is this my fortune, a deluxe luxury

A luncheon in a hill top fortress for business I have no interest


A deep voice approaches from behind, I turn to glance over my back

It’s he who I don’t know, yet it’s as we do

What am I to say, are there words to convey?


He says nothing, and leans in on the terrace, surveying the vicinity like a hawk

In that essence I felt his apparition, like a miraculous revelation


“You’re one of us,

You’re one of us.”

He asserts.


“It’s me or the gallows of what it means to be banished, you don’t want that, my lady.”


How dare he presume what I do or do not want, how egocentric, Mister conflicted


“I was bore of love, I came through grace to open up a new way.

To braze a trail through what I choose to do.

If I am for you it will be, I will not forsake my golden rules for tyrannical fools!”

Said like a true vixen, with cat like glee.


“You see, It’s I who chose you to be one of us, it’s in Goddess we trust

You’re just a man of lust

Baby, this is going to be so much fun, you better bring your gun.”


An Empire, he brought to me

I’ll ride, I haven’t ever felt so alive

Queen Bee in her hive

Consorts of Sophistication

Social favors because you know my husband

You think you do, a man in blue, a career of freedom

Red ties, sleek and shining shoes


Glossy pumps, Harry Winston my best friend

Diamond delight, fountain of jewels, I’m his lady kool

Ain’t no fool, a divinity that is true


My check for fame has played this game, new money, call me Miss honey

Won’t forget my past, the friends I’ve made through the change

My family is my main, the stage is my craze


Humility dolled up with a little vanity, all for the fun of it

Generosity for the unknowing, I’ll part with my wisdom for their gaining

Raising up the weak to grow their fortune, 99% has the power


Shot gun in this rover as my consort speaks of faith in a godly way

This is life as a dame in holiness I pray

I’m still sassy in these ways he deems classy


Sophisticated style, the aura of what it means to be a fashionista

A social lite with the graces of the elite

Oh please, I’ll come and go as I do


It’s me who gets to choose

My husband, my art, my family, my name


I am saved

Beauty I crave

I’ve won the Game

Smiling Bones


I’ve been watching him through my window for sometime

I pretend to read sitting on my throne, yet it’s only because he’s near

The way his rugged looks appeal to me, wondering their feeling

The feeling of him on my skin, showing me how to kiss


I catch his glance I vibrate into some kind of trance, smiling with a knowing

Knowing he see’s me now, he’s felt my eyes

He comes my way, I gently close my book to become more poised

He reaches in and grabs my bones, with those stone eyes


“I know you’ve been watching me, I am here now.” He says, slyly.

I take my hand and press it up against his face, an affectionate embrace

“I know you have, there’s nothing to hide, I’m a woman with goals in mind.”

Grinning like men do, there is nothing here that can be misconstrued


It’s him I choose, the man I’ve seen

He see’s me too, oh I’m seen

He calls me his peach, ripe and gleaming

Tasteful fruit, he interpreted the clues


We walked united, this feeling so priceless