Ascension: You’ve made it!

Thank you, Dear ones. 👼👼👼 

Thank you for calling forth your grandest vision, for doing the much needed internal work. Thank you for peeling back the layers, transmitting the pain into unconditional love & transcending the ego self. You are so free, so loved, so eternally connected to source consciousness.

You have made so much progress, you have done your work diligently. You have made mistakes along the way, many mistakes. Yet you’ve never given up, you’ve let despair take over. You’ve traveled the depths of hell. Yet the light of God, of spirit has lead you back. You are the truest definition of strength.

You have experienced the duality of this world like a true light champion. You have saw the ego for what it is & that is a tool. You now know it’s not the enemy, it’s nothing more than a primal force of the material world.  

 You my child are a divine eternal being of everlasting love. Thank you for becoming who you really are! Thank you for calling forth the grandest unconditional LOVE ever conceivable! Enjoy your well deserved success, recognition, peace of mind & heart. Most of all eternal divine LOVE with source within your divine partner. 

You see source is within all things, appreciate all things and you will be the closest to source you can become. Enjoy life, enjoy the world. Teach the lost, inspire the uninitiated. Show the world the truest, most authentic, loving version of who you are.

Always remember you are of the divine. You are eternal within all things. Fly free my dove, my butterfly. May every angel bless you for all eternity.

Thank you.




I am Love

I am Joy

I am Peace

I am everlasting

I am Eternal

I am who I am

I am thankful for who I am

I love life

I trust in love

I trust in Faith

I am Faith

I have faith in faith

I have faith in love

I am Beauty

I am forever

I am loved

I have beckoned the love of my wildest dreams

I’m honored to say I’m forever free

Free in love, free in spirit, free in eternity

I love love, so many beautiful colors, I love my all, I love all

Forever in love, profound deep miraculous love, it’s just love

Love for us all, love for Joy, I am love

Living a love filled dream, my reality, my amazing life


Letting go of Resistance

Letting Go


I made the decision to change many months ago when I started this blog. Slowly but surely I’ve kept the commitment amid many setbacks. Yet, I’ve overcome much. I’ve learnt how strong I really am. I’ve also learnt how painful transformation can be. Yet I am wise enough to understand that to stay the same and suffer is a pain I refuse to ever experience again. The pain of transformation is a beautiful type of pain. A pain to understand, to even come to love.

Because as I cry as I feel my body and spirit letting go I know I’m overcoming. I know the negative resistant energy is being released so my deepest desires can be fulfilled. It’s important for me to not judge myself as I let go. Which I notice I haven’t been. Changing yourself from within can be quite challenging at times. Yet the purity and happiness I feel from continually making the decision to do so supersedes any resistance.

I’m becoming the woman I’ve aspired to be. I think it’s important for us to every once in a while stop and take note of how far we have come. I’m learning to live more for the journey than the destination. I think that’s something I am truly coming to understand on a newer, deeper level. I often do as many of us do get so caught up focusing on where we want to be that we forget how far we have come. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Now that doesn’t go to say that our desired destinations wont be pleasing.
Because when I intend for something, focus on something and intently feel the emotions of something. I am summoning that desire into my life. Yet it’s who I become on my way to manifesting it that counts. So now I can sit in the glory of my manifestation, of my destination and bask in all I’ve become to get here. I can bask in all that I have done to make this moment be for me. Through that culmination is when inspiration permeates. People see that and it energizes and inspires them, that’s the whole point.

To love, to inspire, to create, to evolve, to expand. This is why we came here to this planet after all to create our lives through the thoughts we think, through thee emotions we feel. I’m the only one who can choose what thoughts I think, the emotions I feel. You are the only one can think and feel for you. It’s your choice, your life. Follow your dreams and remember change is inevitable but transformation is a choice.


It all came in a rush just as I was walking off into a state of bliss

Every wish has now come true, I’m no longer living blue 

I partake in this ritual of extravagance with all the cameras flashin
Is it everything I’ve hoped for, is it everything I wanted, is there more?

I just know I’m grateful for the honor of being placed on a throne of white roses 

I’ve reaped, I’ve sown, now I walk across this stage as I become a true dame 
I bleed every color into a million summers, I’m every free flying bird 

I serve my fate, I bask in all this glory and give every part of my story

Grand prize winner is who she became yet her heart is still the same 

The Game: You make the rules!


Breaking free from the statistics, the odds, the rules of ‘the game’. I’ve heard so many times well the chances are this or that. You know how many people wish they could have that and don’t! You know how crazy you are if you think you can achieve that! You have to work a regular job to survive! You have to play to the rules of the system to win the game!

Absolutely NOT! I do not nor do you have to play to the rules of the system. You can live in a mindset where you have all the odds stacked against you OR you can live in the mindset of you make the RULES. I am what I am and I manifest what I choose!

I won’t buy into the rules of a system built on fear, greed and hopelessness. I buy into the source where when you tap into the infinity of the universe and the creator of ALL provides abundance and availability.

We are all given this gift of free will, yet so few know how to cultivate it and even fewer harness it but times are changing.

I let GO of all the rules I’ve been taught. I let go of the mindset of small thinking, I am EXCELLENT. I am the master of my game of life.

I am a force that demands, does and is. I am that I am and that is a powerful human being with the capability to change the world through the transformation of myself.

The chains of wretchedness have disintegrated, the gates of infinite possibilities of the universe have opened. I’ve walked through with an open heart and mind. I believe in the amazement of life.

With the power of my mind my will is done!

Transformation: Emotional Upheaval

Going through the initiation of altering your personality to bring about a new personal reality is quite the emotional journey.


One paradigm of the mind is shattering and another is being built from the remnants of those pieces. Through the process we feel discomfort and emotional upheaval, which feels like you are losing your mind. Yet that’s the whole purpose to lose your old mind to become the new mind. We now know that mind creates reality so with a new mind comes a new reality.

I’ve been feeling a roller coaster amount of emotions! Everything from pure euphoria to a feeling of loss. It’s not a negative feeling though, it’s like a release. Yet loss and change is always challenging even if it’s what you truly desire. Through the breaking of old emotional patterns we form new abundant and desirable patterns & conditions.

So I know this feeling of loss is truly for my benefit and I’m holding stead fast onto faith and trust. Trusting that everything is happening according to divine order and all is extraordinary. I do know that time is not linear and everything exists all at ONCE; as everything is one. So with that being said I can understand the importance of trusting the process and with that being done we become the pentacle of our deepest desires.

Transformation isn’t ever truly easy yet once it’s done ease and grace will permeate. I accept my calling in the now. I surrender to the knowing and being of oneness and peace within my desires. I understand through the process of letting go that I’m just freeing myself from unsuitable emotions so I can live in the eternal now and become the life I want.

So as we go through the ever evolving manifestation of what it means to be a spiritual being in a physical realm; we understand this is all much greater than us. I accept my divinity, my happy ending, my happy beginning and my happy now all at once.

Illusions of an Alcoholic 2.0


Been there, done that. Around the rodeo a million times, rode every damn animal in this arena! Get me the hell out of here, although I know I’m the only one who can take my leave. I hate the word ‘hard’ because I prefer to see things as challenges. I’ve overcome so damn much!

Yet this alcohol thing is one massive challenge. It’s like it calls my name, when I don’t want it, it presents itself through people or other means. I truly know and believe it is a spirit and when you give it power, oh power it has. If you are an addict, recovering addict of either drugs or alcohol, I know you! I know that struggle, the pain, the suffering.

The reality of it, we either accept it and let it possess us OR we fight for our soul! That’s what it’s after, it wants to take over. We invited it in and now we have to kick it out; it’s like a spouse you already told a trillion times you’re done but refuses to give up!

Like, HELLO can you get out of me. Take the desire with you, burn it to hell! You are here for a reason, yet I know I wont let you commit treason upon me. I’ll fight until the end, there are times I give in. Yet, I won’t ever give up. I will overcome, I will persevere.

Until the day I die, I’ll love everything. Until the day I die I’ll channel grace to overcome everything. You can do it, I can too. Our journey together to rid our selves of negative patterns.

Just the illusions of an alcoholic.