Worthy of the opulence love has to offer. Thankful for the blessings a heart of purity bestows. So blessed being in LOVE. 

Beautiful thoughts create a beautiful life, this is everything I choose. Just glowing for what it is that makes me wonderful in a world of wonder. Grounded in truth, deeply convicted yet free to be. 


Supernaturally in Love: Twin Flames

He walks back in ready to bare his heart, he wants a fresh start. The courage it takes for him to be this authentic is boundless. He had shed every demon to transcend to his masculine power. He knows she is THE ONE & he hopes like hell she will forgive him completely.

He knows she will but his ego likes to tell him otherwise. But, for once in his lifetime he is going to walk by faith and not sight. He is ready to bare his heart and live a truly open life of the ultimate express of unconditional love. He has set his ego aside to come home. To tenderly confess his truth, his love to his divine feminine.

The way he has let go, the way he has allowed the connection to truly take him, to lead him is a beautiful sight to behold. He will walk in front of the world and confess his love. He will never ever let her go again because he knows now she is his everything. They are ONE for all of eternity.

Thanksgiving Thanks! 100 Followers!


It’s Thanksgiving here in the states so of course I want to write just a little bit about the art of thankfulness/gratitude. I want to wish you all a happy thanksgiving and I hope you don’t stuff yourselves too silly! 🙂 I’ll be cooking tomorrow when some family and friends come over to the house.

I am so thankful I just made it to 100 followers! In just a couple months, It’s growing and growing! I have so much energy, inspiration, stories and endless poetry to share. I can’t wait to make the world at large apart of this writing experience.

I have big amazing dreams for this blog and I want you to know I am so thankful that you’ve decided to begin this journey with me from the very beginning! I enjoy reading all of you beautiful artistic poetry, writing and inspirational words.

Let’s explore life together, evolving to be everything we want to be through following our dreams. So much more to come! So thankful for life, thankful for this blog & for finding love in the art of writing. To the top we go, you know we got a show to put on! ❤


Holly Ann Kurt

Thank You

Thank you for coming full circle

Thank you for realizing what is within you

You’ve finally understood what it takes to have it all and have it with gratitude


There is nothing we can’t accomplish, go around the world we shall

Live a million dreams come true it will be

Touch the lives of many just being ourselves

Thank you for believing in me

Thank you for being insane enough to know that no matter what it is so

Because of that knowing, that desire, dream, whatever you want to call it

That ‘it’ factor has made us transform ourselves, changing, changed

So wild, so free, so centered, living through the core of the dream

This is all a dream, what a beautiful dream it is, how magical life can be when you just believe.

These tears are the tears of the ones who will see through our life that it’s reality

Thank you for understanding suffering has only made us wiser

Through such wisdom can we know the true depth of transcendence