Ascension to a New Earth


The hate, violence, bigotry, racism, war and suffering is a part of this realm here. It’s a part of living in a world of duality. The time has come where the lines are being drawn.

You either live with hate in your heart, you hate your enemies, you hate your self, others, hate, hate hate. Hate only creates more hate.

The only way to transcend past these energies is unity, forgiveness and unconditional love. We must unite as a whole human family. The new earth is being manifested as we speak, it is so. It talks of this in many ancient texts.

Many will be left behind to experience the worst of duality because they have let hate harden their hearts, many will choose love and transcend to a new way of life.

Regardless, in the end when this experience is over all will eventually come back to the force of unconditional love