I am Love

I am Joy

I am Peace

I am everlasting

I am Eternal

I am who I am

I am thankful for who I am

I love life

I trust in love

I trust in Faith

I am Faith

I have faith in faith

I have faith in love

I am Beauty

I am forever

I am loved

I have beckoned the love of my wildest dreams

I’m honored to say I’m forever free

Free in love, free in spirit, free in eternity

I love love, so many beautiful colors, I love my all, I love all

Forever in love, profound deep miraculous love, it’s just love

Love for us all, love for Joy, I am love

Living a love filled dream, my reality, my amazing life



Heart of Glory


I’m inside a mansion of marble with so many tall white pillars

A glowing light beams in clouds of Glory, such Love fills the air

A peaceful way, a loving manner, a heart of grandeur

Now she dances through every billowing passage of eternity

Spaces of the most magnificent colors guiding her soul

Love has won, may the unity of so many, so much forever be so true

So true for all, for this love of many flowers goes on infinitely

Through a forest, through all the trees in a breeze, Princess now Queen

Flying locks of golden rays it’s so beautiful I am amazed

Freedom like a bird within a colorful dream, a vision to behold, a place to be



I found the the rose you placed in my subconscious mind

I knew when I found it I was shining in what makes me who I am 

As I am such a lamb yet even so powerful like a million Angels 
I come to the humans and cradle their souls in my love 

Blessing the ones whom believe in their dreams, I turn them into reality 

Holy rite is the passage of where I’ve been, I ascended yet again 
I smile at the prospects of everything I’ve achieved in my fruitful garden 

I dance through my realization so glad everything has come to manifestation 

I found the process much more than I ever imagined yet now I seethe 
Seethe in the glory of what it means to create, to win with everything 

It happened because I believed even when death was near, through every tear 

Faith came tenfold and saved the day, now I’m flying in my fame
This is the story of a winner, a woman who despite all odds achieved more than the world had every known 

Queen Armor

Society girl in a fashion world, curvy adore in a world for skinny bores

Is it so bad I have more, I mean I am the Queen of heaven armor

Now as I lure you into this voluptuous body I know I own you solely


Vogue covers in this Armani dress I swear is my lover

I will no longer suffer as I’m too holy in my trinity of mind, body & spirit

I wear this spiritual essence well as I do this diamond liaison spell


An event, a concoction of the imagination that has been brought to surface

No longer cheap tricks with cheap dates as I’ve succeeded the poverty state

At this rate I’ll behead every royal and take my place


At the top where I’ve beckoned the power of every God

This is what it means to be a reverent Lord

Now take this sword and assign me with my Kindgom adorned

The Golden Ticket



All these flashes, light bulbs galore as I stand at this podium

The energy is palpitating with a force I’ve never known

I’m not alone, I’m in the eye, the eye of being watched


Golden ticket of candy land thoughts, dreams that get you lost

Roller coaster of breathless euphoria, no feeling in this body

Extravaganza of a billion dances, life as a chosen one


Finding the center to summon the courage to speak with

Speak with the words of what it means to be a winner, am I a sinner?


I knew it would happen, It’s the lastly calling of a union in copulation


Development of a woman into every persons life of season, dreaming liaison

Raising of the golden ticket, another adornment to decorate her soul

Energy of astonishment is preening out of control


I’ve found myself at the center of this trove

I’m reaping what I’ve sewn on this money paved road

Golden built throne where I’m placed to rule


Empress in all her bountiful bliss

It’s within society I made a tryst

All these phone calls are begging lady miss


All for this

Golden ticket of wicked dynamite

This is my rite, a millionaires life

Lottery Winner

Ring around the diamond display case

Tiffany & Co. is where my heart goes

Bergdorf Goodman’s my resting place


Jimmy Choo is the man I chose to wed me in satin blue shoes


Lottery winning beauty fiend is out of this world

You can call me Lou

New money, windfall delights in my vortex of non strife


Now pronounced as wife, I’ll honor my virtue for life


Petty dimes, countless dollars, I sit on this pedestal of mortal sin

A lady to win, won, won, won

Took it all, gave some, this is quite the infinite manifestation


Michael Kors, Givenchy, Gucci pride blossoms deep inside

Inside this fickle shell where my cash prize fell

Now you see, I’m lady belle


Holly Ann is narrator of this brand

Reality sets in after the win


Did I just commit mortal sin

Oh please, I’m an Angel you see

All the faces of me, you can call me lovely


The story of Miss Sunny

White Tie Apocalypse

With deep clarity I conjure a sense of immortal satisfaction

I’ve got the invite of the millennium

The White Tie Apocalypse


Every conceivable reputation will be up for revelation

Nor you, nor you, nor you will be exempt

Infinity ever after holds zero contempt


I just sit here and sip on this divine artisan tea

Slow breaths as I’m quite strapped in a corset

Bless, Bless me, I’m all coiffed like a cover model




I stand and with little steps I walk forth as I’m called upon

It’s the iridescence of serenity that I’m draped in

Sense of every last physic is the emotion I exude


Every man lined in black tail coats and big white bows

Smell of starched shirts, exorbitant perfumes and divinity seeps into my skin

They laugh, I smile, They call, I answer


Down this carpet of every wishful mans visions, I talk of endless bounty

I am the one who is demanded, it’s my message that’s omnipresent

There are billions of lessons to be learned from this presence


Each section I entertain as you might like to know I’m feeling quite sane

Brave so to say, I live in the eternal now as I speak from a place of power


It’s your turn now, it’s the revealing hour