Love & Boots

I look down and smile because you’re wearing those square toe boots

Blue jeans and that button up I bought you, the way I get lost in you

The thought of everything you mean to me comforts every insecurity


Our times, the feeling of what it’s like when it’s our date night

You don’t know but when I go to the powder room I cry

Cry because it’s so beautiful this emotion that’s traveling through me


Through every muscle, every vein, your name is forever stained on my soul

That smile of yours is like every desire met in one instant in time

All the lies of the past have no hold on me now


Those vows we made have me forever changed

Just holding hands is like eternal life, the aura of our life

I can’t describe how amazing it is to be your wife


Eye Through Heart


One eye through my heart

The star of allure, Horus the god of eye

A birthing of Aquarius, the time of fantastical visions


Hence the reason I was brought here to help you make your decision

Two paths to take, you do what you want it’s your fate

All comes back to source that I know for sure


The lure of evil takes many, the beckoning of love chose me

I can see, eyes wide open

Girl of heart


Fame for star, a red drop top car

That’s just fun, I’m here for a spiritual run

I bow to the Sun, he’s the one

Killer Pout


Killed for my sweet pout, just a butterfly keenly aware

Pucker up and lick those lips, I got you a feeling amiss

A fancy crush, shhh it’s our secret, hush

Painted, powdered, looking through your soul


Raising your secrets to the surface, the key of life

Girly girl lost in her own fantasy world

The way you cradle me with your strength

The way I admire your length, oh please not now

Ugh! Oh my someone might see, oh but we’re free


Naughty, I guess this is what it’s like to be adults

Aren’t we the ones in control, my man thinks so

You like this dance, the tease of what it is to be intoxicating

You’re so easy the way you lay back, I know this energy


A kitten to open your mind, tickle your morality

In all actuality I’m resurrected from an ancient goddess

Yet I still worship you like a God, yeah cause I think you’re hot

I turn to leave cause I love a fucking tease, I want you to beg me, please


Chased down, just like a girl, all about the preen

On this lounge you have me in a way that unites me with your gaze


At your mercy, although I’m not in no hurry

Mhmmm, got it good just like you told me I would

Cathedral of Glamour


Down to the altar of every taboo thought you don’t think I’ll forgive you for

Swept up in the flickering lights of a million candles lit for my divine reverence

The shadows in the corners lurk with glee as I summon a life force to bring forth chi

Hate averted, I chose the wisdom of God over an indulgence contrived in blood

I’ve swept the tile of every ancient stone cavern with my hair to achieve bliss

A brush made of gold to touch hair weaved in diamonds, a reflection of porcelain

I jump from pew to pew bathing in the glory of what I am

This cathedral made of hope from stars formed in galaxies far beyond

Stained glass walls hold my euphoric emotions in a warm embrace

Karma is a phase a way to go through an initiation to embrace change

A mob of unconditional love to put any in a trance beyond measure

I’ve slayed my demons now I’ve earned my treasure, a woman’s feather fantasy

Touch of Ecstasy


Black and white scenery, my  precious thoughts so beautiful

Please don’t you understand the way I praise you, praise the dance

The dance of our delicate design, design of the ages, a great work to know

Dragonflies whispers swim through my skin, angels host the soul within

A bride to be, a honest woman you crave, loving the way you like

The likeness of your extreme desire, a burning in your fingertips

A touch of endless ecstasy, the ecstasy of such ethereal beauty

Finish me, oh just finish me, endlessly finished in your take

Egyptian cotton sheets I’m all wrapped in between, you’re grinning

Chocolate fantasies, candy land freedom in this world my beloved

You won’t ever be alone, I will forgive you always, loving unconditionally

I’ll wait for you to come home, I’ll serve you at the door, I’ll behold you in every thought

The daisies on the porch my sweet, sweet decor

It’s who I am, I furnish this castle with every last trophy

The fixtures of our design, a design of true love, a manly yearning

A yearning so demanding to satisfy, yet I do forever your girl

Satin skirt, yellow high heels all for a colorful presentation

For a man, for a woman, for the broken ones, for my special ones

I give, I show, I bow for my King, rest your fears within my eyes

I shall always see you my darling, dancing with the precious gifts of your heart