I’ve experienced first hand how negative beliefs & thoughts can destroy a person from the inside out. That’s why no matter how challenging it may be I will always choose faith over pride. Love over hate and forgiveness over bitterness. ✨ Believe in miracles 👼 


Faith: Law of Attraction 

Remaining positive and faithful can be so challenging. It’s so important to continue to believe even before your dream has physically manifested. It’s your faith and perspective that will call it in.

You will see the signs and synchronization that it’s on it’s way. Trust your emotions, trust your desire. It will come to pass if you believe despite any resistance that comes up!

Sometimes you’ll cry, breakdown and have anxiety. Sometimes you’ll have doubts. Acknowledge it and get back to positive affirmations as quickly as possible. I know how hard it can be to have faith in something despite physical evidence to the contrary. Yet, it’s the unconditional love that calls it in.

I believe, I believe. I know that I know that I know.  


Heavy leaves fall upon me, it’s like to a degree I can’t breathe. Yet my divine makes me believe. She is an angel whom sees.

All I can ask is for her to retrieve the love we hold in a land of make believe. It’s all come to be, forthcoming a promise a breeze.

An apology of sorts, a beckoning to a resort, a forever after in a million cures. A marriage between nothing and everything. A key to understand the Light and darkness. Successfully becoming a true bridge between infinity.

The Power of Belief: Law of Attraction



The secret formula, the genie in the bottle, your every wish fulfilled. Belief will literally move mountains, change lives and heal the sick. You’ve got to BELIEVE! This is how you transform your life, win big & attract everything you want. Becoming everything you want all happens through belief! So now you wonder how are beliefs formed? Beliefs are only thoughts continually repeated and programmed into your subconscious mind.

Once you think something for a length of time and give it enough emotion it sinks into your subconscious mind and you have a belief/habit. Now you are probably like well I have some funky beliefs & habits! We all do, we have been programmed by our parents, religious affiliations, society, television, etc. If some of these beliefs suit you & help you thrive and make you feel good then keep them!

Yet we are all bound to have beliefs that don’t suit us. Beliefs that are honestly just mean, hateful and bad for us! Beliefs that we aren’t worthy of living a grand life. Beliefs that we can’t have everything we want because we might be considered immoral. That we can’t be wealthy, happy or successful because it’s for them and not us.

Yet as you are beginning to now realize you are worth of living a life of abundance, wealth, happiness, health and true peace. The creator of ALL things God/Universe wants us all to flourish and live in heaven. It’s your choice by your free will to change your thoughts which will change your reality. Repeat good thoughts to yourself, create good visions & scenarios in your mind. When you do this enough & give it enough power it will manifest.

Your life will change so fast, so dramatically and so beautifully when you make the decision to consciously become aware of what you are creating. It’s a process, don’t judge yourself and most importantly be kind to yourself as you feel yourself to the life you want. Feel as if you already have that soulmate, the peace you desire, the wealth you so deserve. Feel it and envision yourself already having it, imagine you’ve already won!

Do this and believe with all your heart and soul and oh the beautiful glory that you shall witness!


Law of Attraction: Pushing the Boundaries!

Pushing the boundaries!


Pushing our boundaries, expanding our mind so we can create and manifest the life we truly desire. It’s all about fueling the raging fire within ourselves. The fire that calls out to us to beckon the existence we are meant to live. To experience life in all it’s grandeur and beauty. In order to transition from one place in life to another place, we must expand.

Expansion is the very embodiment of life in every form. We are continually and constantly expanding to develop character through experience. When we are not expanding we are suffering. We now know that we have chosen evolution and expansion over suffering. So with that choice being made we must now continually push our boundaries and challenge ourselves to go beyond what we think we are capable of, expanding our horizons.

It can feel quite uncomfortable and anxiety is bound to pop up. Yet this is when we take deep breaths and understand that we must venture outside of current vibration to become the frequency of the life we are truly desiring. So lets all use this new year to push our selves to succeed. To know we are worthy of every dream we can dream.

If we can imagine it, visualize it, believe it within our hearts and let go with complete faith that that thy will is done; it will happen! There is no other way. This is how the manifestation process works, we must continually and consciously focus on only what we want and the emotions that those goals bring. Feel it as you already have it and trust that it is yours!

Living in Relief



Such a glorious emotion, a powerful feeling that can literally bring anything you desire into your life effortlessly. It’s like I’ve had a realization, revelation about the power of relief. When we are feeling relief & satisfaction we are in the eternal now. In that energy we are not looking into the past and we are not looking into the future!

How beautiful is that when we truly feel relieved and satisfied we don’t long for what was nor long for what will be. Because we are truly in love with the moment we are in so deeply that we are cherishing every second. It’s so natural here, so easy in this state. This is the energy we must harness when we are looking to manifest our vision.

We can be still in the feeling of relief because we know all our dreams, goals & desires are satisfied. We have achieved them, some may have not have shown up in front of you just yet. But, when we feel it is already ours and we are relieved and satisfied with that being so we draw it to us almost instantly. The more we stay in this state, resonate in this state the faster everything around us and within us will change.

Validation and confirmation is all around, if you are really in tuned and resonating with what you are and what you want you will see the order of progress. There may be little moments of fear that come pop in to see if you want to be friends yet we know that ship has sailed and we let the thought go.

Frustration is the opposite and enemy of relief. So if moments of frustration come up instantly let them go and know in your faith and being that it just is. What you want is, the best you is, the best life we have is NOW. Through accepting and channeling the NOW we bring the now of our desires to us.

We use creative visualization to manifest our dreams, visions by seeing them in our minds eye. Seeing the surroundings you want, seeing yourself in the body you want and truly feeling deeply satisfied and relieved in the beauty of your creation. This goes for whatever you desire more of.

As we go through the day we will just be. Just be in a state of satisfaction and relief, when you are sitting in your car in traffic feel yourself in your dream car, know that it’s yours! The car is already manifest in the physical all it has to do is now make it into your possession. Hold the energy of what it would feel like to have that car and there is no other way than for it to be brought into your life.

This is how the universal forces work, there is no set time for when things show up. It happens in divine time. It may take a few days, a few months or a year depending on your beliefs. Just know it’s yours and let it be. Enjoy the satisfaction of being and having everything you want, whether you’ve actually got it or not.

This is how we welcome things into our reality by being in alignment with what we truly want and desire. Through our alignment our dreams come true.