I forgive you

I forgive you for what you’ve done because I believe so deeply in the good inside you. I see you, I understand you & as always I love you. 

Yeah you’ve hurt me, you’ve broken my heart more than once. But, I see beyond the suffering you bare, beyond the masks you wear. 

I know the love you hold within.
I know the man you truly are, not the man you pretend to me. I know the gift you are, the light you shine.

 I see beyond all your darkness and into the very essence of your existence. I understand everything, I love every part.
I forgive, I love unconditionally. You are as me, we are one. We live, we learn, we grow, we evolve. The beauty in the conflict, the pain, the beauty in the tears. I appreciate it all.
Because separation makes way for reunion and pain makes way for wisdom. And endings make way for beginnings.

 It’s here, I feel it all, every thought ever thought. Every emotion ever felt and I still choose you. 


Insane & Sane

I have a lot of star crossed ex-lovers & they’ll tell you I’m insane, maybe it’s just a game. I gotta promise you for the next one I’ll play sane. 

True Love


My head on your chest, the way your chin rests on my forehead

It’s like everything I’ve said has come full circle

Every dream fulfilled, every woman’s fantasy become


White teeth smiles, happy thoughts

Unconditional love, with imagination comes cultivation

Our very existence is a jubilee celebration


Out of every constellation you’re my favorite star

I know you won’t ever go far because you’re always in my heart

I keep every loving word you’ve ever sad in my jar of glee


I deem the way we breathe in sync to a life of contentment

It’s how we do this in our act of commitment

Baby come, baby go, I’ll never stop loving you so

A Man of Dreams



As I rest my eyes upon him, he dismounts his horse with a smile

He looks up, I’m seen threw an open window three stories up

Hair long and blonde tumbles around in the wind, my heart screams


Down the stairs, busting through doors

I run to my man, I sob with unconditional love

“Oh my god! I love you so much!”, he says.

Oh he does, how loved, how beautiful this is


I shall gaze in this moment in every thought, with every breath

My head on his chest, home at last, home at last

Take me to the swing, push me like you do, so he does

The intimacy of how he cherishes me as his wife, I see my reflection in his eyes

He tells me every time how much I’m his prize


I know in my heart he has nothing to hide

Forsaking Gossip


Gossiping in a way that makes me dissociate

Frayed words emote a lingering taste of bitterness

Black tar on the highway, begging to be picked up

A fire in the mind bent on the dwelling of petty thoughts

Wondering how not to get sucked into the pit of slander


An opinion on something that doesn’t even matter, a fucking disaster

Overwhelming energy of another, forsaking your wishes to chatter further

Speak of dreams, speak of love, the beautiful things of someone you hold dear

I forsake the gossip of another to break open the void of a broken relationship


Dangerous conceptions, I don’t even care about my own perception

Don’t ask me, so, please none of this matters, let it all go

Loving someone as I try to turn the conversation for the better, I tried greatly

Accomplished some, could of done better yet I did pretty good for a day

A dazzle, a feverish thought, a beholding dream in the eye of my soul


Taken low, shot with low vibrations, bleeding out

Angels in the wind come to swoop in, a time a place to come and stay

A gift for you, I’ll listen only for a moment, for the love I’ve got

Partake more than I should allow myself yet I’m just a human not a bot


Love you so but I have really got to go


Swirling around feeling myself come alive

Outside the fire, forsaking my demons


My breasts bring forth your sensual desires

A roar inside you, I feel it, oh my pleasure

Can you see me move? Watch how I do


I came from water, that must be the source

Source of love, source of light


I come to you and lay at your feet

Give me all of you, give me your needs

I shall feed you with my soul


Show me how you love me, just trust me

Shall I cater to your masculinity?

May I cherish your feverish pursuit