Twin Flames

You torched me with your rod of fire, down in a blaze we went. Rose from the dust to birth a new run.

Run of life, the dance of eternal time. The way you see me beyond what I know. The way you conquer my divine soul. With you I give up all control.

So in the zone, forever nurtured & never alone. I have you in my trove, I’m your fantasy to behold.

Everything you’ve wanted, everything you used to deny. You hid from yourself & I loved you beyond it all. Beyond my own suffering, beyond the trail of tears.

Now that we reunite without any fear. You’ve found yourself, so have I. Now shall we get lost in each other as the cosmos have decreed. I am your eternal lady you see. Here is all your dreams come to be.



You’ve unlocked me with your purity of heart. Your righteous love of self. The romantic words you’ve said and truly felt. You surrendered against all odds.

You gave up control, casting your fears upon me. Now I declare you an initiate of the highest degree, awareness of infinitity. 

Crowned with christed love, a ribbon of protection for an eternity in heaven. My dear one, my darling love. You my royal child, my rainbow heart you were born to be a star. I can never go far as I’m forever in your heart.

You enchanted one, a diamond silver ray. Flying high, a trust in the eyes. Life has chosen you to rise, enjoy the ride. Never forget I AM always inside, here to confide. NOW enjoy your prize, live it up, feel alive!

Ascension: You’ve made it!

Thank you, Dear ones. 👼👼👼 

Thank you for calling forth your grandest vision, for doing the much needed internal work. Thank you for peeling back the layers, transmitting the pain into unconditional love & transcending the ego self. You are so free, so loved, so eternally connected to source consciousness.

You have made so much progress, you have done your work diligently. You have made mistakes along the way, many mistakes. Yet you’ve never given up, you’ve let despair take over. You’ve traveled the depths of hell. Yet the light of God, of spirit has lead you back. You are the truest definition of strength.

You have experienced the duality of this world like a true light champion. You have saw the ego for what it is & that is a tool. You now know it’s not the enemy, it’s nothing more than a primal force of the material world.  

 You my child are a divine eternal being of everlasting love. Thank you for becoming who you really are! Thank you for calling forth the grandest unconditional LOVE ever conceivable! Enjoy your well deserved success, recognition, peace of mind & heart. Most of all eternal divine LOVE with source within your divine partner. 

You see source is within all things, appreciate all things and you will be the closest to source you can become. Enjoy life, enjoy the world. Teach the lost, inspire the uninitiated. Show the world the truest, most authentic, loving version of who you are.

Always remember you are of the divine. You are eternal within all things. Fly free my dove, my butterfly. May every angel bless you for all eternity.

Thank you.

From Addiction to Success


Many people think that ones love is enough to cure a loved ones addiction. Love of others has very little do with with ones addiction. Love of self has to do with our own addictions and through us finally realizing and accepting we are destroying ourselves we can come to terms with where our addiction has taken us. It’s through a self realization, awareness and a desire for more that we allow ourselves to take back our power.

We’ve always had the power, it’s within each and everyone one of us. Our mind and hearts are incredibly powerful beyond human comprehension. We can overcome anything we set our minds to, like mine. I’ve been sober for almost two months. No alcohol, cigarettes and I’m cut my portions of food by at least half. I’m drinking mostly water and getting more exercise as I’m cleaning up and down constantly. This is just a beginning for me.

It’s important that we pace ourselves with our recovery and not try to do to much at once. If we over do it we risk being lead back into the temptation of falling back into our old thought patterns and habits. I’ve achieved so much in just a short amount of time.


I was literally in just bad shape, I’d overdosed on pills, been arrested countless times for public intoxication. I was hospitalized for passing out in public from over drinking. I was put into bad situations with men consistently. I became and angry, even at times violent person when someone tried to take the alcohol from me. That demon literally was controlling my life.

It wasn’t until I hit my breaking point that I finally decided in that moment to be better and do better. I started manifesting the person I knew I was at my highest potential through meditation. I am peace, I am whole, I am unconditional love, I am in good health, I am happy, I am abundance, I am wealth, I am successful, I am independent.

Through this I have literally changed my life and the family around me, their life as well. As I strengthened my will and reprogram my subconscious mind to create the life that I want, I hope that anyone reading this will take the next step in their journey. Even just a very tiny small step. Just as the turtle one the race through being slow and steady, we can to win this game of life through our patience and the grace of the infinite universe.

It’s never too late to begin again, to be better for yourself. To start becoming the person we’ve always known we could be. I shall manifest the life of my dreams, become the woman I’ve always wanted to be. It is that it is, so it be. That it is. So I am.



Holly Kurt

Ascension to a New Earth


The hate, violence, bigotry, racism, war and suffering is a part of this realm here. It’s a part of living in a world of duality. The time has come where the lines are being drawn.

You either live with hate in your heart, you hate your enemies, you hate your self, others, hate, hate hate. Hate only creates more hate.

The only way to transcend past these energies is unity, forgiveness and unconditional love. We must unite as a whole human family. The new earth is being manifested as we speak, it is so. It talks of this in many ancient texts.

Many will be left behind to experience the worst of duality because they have let hate harden their hearts, many will choose love and transcend to a new way of life.

Regardless, in the end when this experience is over all will eventually come back to the force of unconditional love

The rose of my Heart

I think it’s quite fascinating how fast the human will can go from harnessing no power to harnessing incredible power. I’m sure that even when we think we have no will, no power left it’s still there keeping us holding on. I’m grateful for that part of me that kept me going.

That was the rose of my heart, my faith. A rose that never dies and lives on eternally. I look forward to every new day as a new day to meditate, manifest and enjoy what it’s like being me. I’m actually enjoying the process of how me changing my thoughts changes the way I act. Really it is all so fascinating how this all works here. The mind, the body, the spirit.


I’m so grateful to have experienced what I have, I’ve gained so much through this journey. From my transition to become the woman I am, believing in my heart since I was a child that deep in my heart I was a woman regardless of what other people thought or told me.

I didn’t know it was even possible to transition until I got to be a teenager around 17. Growing up was definitely a challenge, I saw the world through unique eyes. I’ve let all that pain go from the suffering I went through, I forgive I forgive I forgive. I now understand why I had to go through that to understand not only myself better but to have more compassion for others.

My heart is so alive, so free. There were so many times when I truly didn’t think I was going to live much longer. I now know I have much left to do on this planet. Through changing my life, I will change my life of millions of other peoples. I am incredibly grateful to be able to take this journey and give my life to the power of unconditional love.


Unconditionally Infinite


We all have dreams, desires, wishes, aspirations.

They are the reason we are here, they are  what we are suppose to become. These are our gifts to the world, we can live life using these gifts. This is what I’m finally coming to accept, pracitice and manifest into my life with the power of my intention.

I won’t let others opinions, research, evidence to the contrary nor the impossibilites their mind has created alter my reality. Do you think anything great would of been accomplished so far in this world if the great inventors, thinkers, philosphers and pinoeers would of accepted ordinary peoples limitations. NO! That’s what makes you EXTRODINARY!

I AM extrodinary, I’ve always known that I was here to not only love unconditionally but do it in a way that serves myself & most importantly others. Through my gifts, through my desire to inspire, help, heal and comfort those who want a way through the suffering, the pain & the dense negative energy that sometimes traps us in fear.

I’ve chosen to break free, through my faith in my self it manifested into my reality. I did suffer a long time before I finally let go. Yet through that suffering it has taught me great wisdom, patience and compassion. I can now relate to why people who do the things they do, think the things they think and act the way they act. I’ve felt what it’s like to resonate in a very low dark place.

I forgive the people who everyone thinks doesn’t deserve forgiveness. I love the people who others think don’t deserve to be loved. We can love someone unconditionally without condoning their behavior.

When we release the judgements of even the worst of the worst, we set ourselves free to truly transcend to a new way of being & feeling.

I’ve overcame so much, so can you. I believe I am the best I can possibly be, and so it will be done.

Pray, think and meditate that your dreams, goals and aspirations are already yours. Feel the emotions so deeply of what it will be like when they are yours and it shall be manifested. I’ve learned that our subconcious mind knows no difference between a deep visualization and what we see with our eyes.

So if we focus on what we do want with our deepest intentions, we transform the very life we live before our eyes. Thus we live our dreams, accepting the tokens of the infinite we are all inherent to possess. Love, abudance, happiness, joy, unconditional love, prosperity and contribution.


Holly Kurt