The house is a wreck

Jack & Coke while having a smoke

Her soul bleeds, cries to move on, will she?

A mistake made, another kissed 


He chose not to hide it, she almost resents him for choosing to confide it



A lucky girl in this dream house, all the resources to shine

Just a pretty red dress and some wine


Her heart was blind it’s going to take time

Let go and accept what must be, she’s still free


Or is she?


Marriage of Love & Beast


Crowds, massive crowds of onlookers scream in glee

The brainwashing is clearly palpable yet she finds it enduring

Surely they have been tricked into being here, why do they care?


I walk out on this balcony and I survey with exasperation at the magnitude

I exude the style of what I am to be, the personality of their expectations

I won’t let down my people, she surely won’t forsake their fragile egos


My bouffant, this pompadour reaches to God, for sure it caresses the clouds

The loudness of the cries of the ritual partaking below careens out of control

Guns with roses, letters made of smoke smell the marriage


Marriage of love and beast, it’s the holiday of my rite to deem

What do my people feed on, what do I quench their essence with?

It’s bliss, I spring forth an indescribable flick of omnipotent power


In this Tower I let down my guard as I know time is not far

They hold me in endless ways, they understand life with no fear

This isn’t a mere fairy tale it’s the life of love


I set free three doves and with that I conclude this ritual

I take my place behind the glass door and now I know why she is allured

She holds every fantasy, every dream, every thought, every whim


With her there is no sin

All you can do is win

The ever Elusive Envy



This is something we all feel or have felt yet no one ever talks about. Everyone talks about jealousy, which is your fear of someone or something taking something from you. Envy is the feeling of discontentment because someone has something you ‘don’t’ have. As I think about this it’s crazy to me how I’ve rarely if ever heard anything mentioned about envy.

I was just feeling a sense of envy, I don’t ever really feel envy about anything other than when it comes to relationships. When it comes to seeing two people together, a happy and doting couple. It seems to arise especially if I find myself attracted to a man and then to see him happy with his lady.

I know it’s because that is something I want and something I don’t have. Yet, I know of course it’s something I don’t necessarily need. I definitely don’t need it to be fulfilled but it would be fun to have the benefit of companionship. I’m not lonely, but it’s only natural to want a companion. I think it’s pretty much wired in the blood of humanity to desire a partner.

So as I feel this, I understand it and let it go, wishing the best for everyone. I know what it means and I’m grateful to be conscious of my emotions and feelings. Sometimes it can be quite challenging to be so aware yet it’s worth it because when you know you can make the choice to do things differently.

I love love and I love people whom have fallen in love. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and admire. Certainly envy is not privy to the fact that we can all achieve and manifest said relationship/companionship. It’s all just a matter of patience, perseverance and tenacity.

Some of you many feel envy for a host of other reasons, some people see others with really nice cars, fancy houses and immediately start feeling envy. It’s an emotion that can be understood and let go or it can be the fuel to rocket your desire for what you do want. Holding on to it will only create negative energy and block your path to your desired outcome.

So, Hello, Envy! You’ve come, now you’ve gone and I understand what I do want because you have conveyed to me what I do not want. Thank you! The beauty of being awakened enough to understand your own mind & perceptions is profound. Love is beautiful and I’m grateful to not only love who I am but love others who love who they are.

Love & Boots

I look down and smile because you’re wearing those square toe boots

Blue jeans and that button up I bought you, the way I get lost in you

The thought of everything you mean to me comforts every insecurity


Our times, the feeling of what it’s like when it’s our date night

You don’t know but when I go to the powder room I cry

Cry because it’s so beautiful this emotion that’s traveling through me


Through every muscle, every vein, your name is forever stained on my soul

That smile of yours is like every desire met in one instant in time

All the lies of the past have no hold on me now


Those vows we made have me forever changed

Just holding hands is like eternal life, the aura of our life

I can’t describe how amazing it is to be your wife

Consorts of Sophistication

Social favors because you know my husband

You think you do, a man in blue, a career of freedom

Red ties, sleek and shining shoes


Glossy pumps, Harry Winston my best friend

Diamond delight, fountain of jewels, I’m his lady kool

Ain’t no fool, a divinity that is true


My check for fame has played this game, new money, call me Miss honey

Won’t forget my past, the friends I’ve made through the change

My family is my main, the stage is my craze


Humility dolled up with a little vanity, all for the fun of it

Generosity for the unknowing, I’ll part with my wisdom for their gaining

Raising up the weak to grow their fortune, 99% has the power


Shot gun in this rover as my consort speaks of faith in a godly way

This is life as a dame in holiness I pray

I’m still sassy in these ways he deems classy


Sophisticated style, the aura of what it means to be a fashionista

A social lite with the graces of the elite

Oh please, I’ll come and go as I do


It’s me who gets to choose

My husband, my art, my family, my name


I am saved

Beauty I crave

I’ve won the Game

Oceanic Masquerade


The anchor is released and I take solace in the moment

A way to linger on the Veranda deck, grazing the railing with my fingertips

Wondering of the depth of the sea floor, what’s truly in store


The way I sit in my suite of oceanic thrills, an aroma of little chocolates

Fresh linen makes me smile, drawn to him to think again

First class, equal class, one percent, banking man


How? When did I become his wife? Was I asleep the whole time?

Wedding gowns, expensive tastes, luxury beyond insanity gives me no safety

I told him of my dreams, the fathoms of revere, a time of passion


I suppose I serve, I do my duty because I have to look pretty

All for this life, to become a bankers wife, is this right?

Black sophistication, aromatic kiss, down to the dining parlor


The boat of wealth, an artist in the mind of what it means to be stealth

Skin glowing for the showing, seen, all for his next presentation

Just another business conversation, this is the masquerade

The voices of the men akin cut like blades, I partake for our sake

A Man of Dreams



As I rest my eyes upon him, he dismounts his horse with a smile

He looks up, I’m seen threw an open window three stories up

Hair long and blonde tumbles around in the wind, my heart screams


Down the stairs, busting through doors

I run to my man, I sob with unconditional love

“Oh my god! I love you so much!”, he says.

Oh he does, how loved, how beautiful this is


I shall gaze in this moment in every thought, with every breath

My head on his chest, home at last, home at last

Take me to the swing, push me like you do, so he does

The intimacy of how he cherishes me as his wife, I see my reflection in his eyes

He tells me every time how much I’m his prize


I know in my heart he has nothing to hide