Insane & Sane

I have a lot of star crossed ex-lovers & they’ll tell you I’m insane, maybe it’s just a game. I gotta promise you for the next one I’ll play sane. 



Those strong hands wrapped around my waist, Am I your sealed fate

Soul mate whirlwind marriage bells ring in the wind

Now look around it’s my love you’ve found
That hat you wear gives me chills

Chilled to the heart, like a wild fire without start

Mixing us, Girls like me and men like you 
It’s like God made us to become more

As my man you kiss me so, I bloom my flower to incite your power

Riled up, I got your manliness from square one
I’m the wife, the lady girl like a glowing pearl 

Now I flutter as you ask what’s my favorite word

It’s you, It’s all you, Every word to describe you

Love letter to You


I just want to write you a letter telling you how much I love you and truly appreciate you. You do so much for me, you make me so incredibly happy. The joy in my heart is beyond anything I knew possible.

Waking up next to you, resting my head on your shoulder. The sound of your voice when you tell me you love me, these things make my heart dance. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted & you’re finally here. You love me more than I ever knew possible to be loved. You treat me like the most beautiful Queen. There are no words to express the depth of my unwavering devotion to you.

Our life is so truly magical. Literally we travel wherever we want, we buy whatever we want. We are so privileged. It’s truly a living fantasy. Beyond all of that we inspire so many with our love, our lifestyle. That fulfillment exceeds even the biggest diamond & you know I love diamonds! Hehehe.

We have the most supportive, amazing friends and family. I am so very thankful for them. Everything is so wonderful. Sure we aren’t perfect and I love that. That we don’t always have to agree, that we can still be in love and have our own opinions.

Your strength, your discipline and stamina is so appealing to me. We fit and compliment each other so beautifully. I love every day, every minute with you. Sharing every part of who I am. I never knew that there could be a bond so exclusive, so exquisite. It blows my mind.

I am so blessed! I love you, I love our life and forever, always, unconditionally I am yours.


It all came in a rush just as I was walking off into a state of bliss

Every wish has now come true, I’m no longer living blue 

I partake in this ritual of extravagance with all the cameras flashin
Is it everything I’ve hoped for, is it everything I wanted, is there more?

I just know I’m grateful for the honor of being placed on a throne of white roses 

I’ve reaped, I’ve sown, now I walk across this stage as I become a true dame 
I bleed every color into a million summers, I’m every free flying bird 

I serve my fate, I bask in all this glory and give every part of my story

Grand prize winner is who she became yet her heart is still the same 

Rekindling Romance  

His look as he turns around and notices it’s me

The woman he tried to forget yet I was never amiss

Now look at me dressed to perfection in all my glory
Don’t we have quite the story to share as life has changed

I’ve found fame, I’ll never ever be the same

I’m more than a plain Jane, I’m a glamour dame
You’re just a country boy with a wit I’ll always bask in

It’s almost like our loves a sin yet I know together we win

Didn’t you miss me, I know you did
Now we have each other and we shall truly live

You let go of what was holding you back

I let go of all that baggage resisting my happy ending
It’s so beautiful together as in life were winning

The look, the meeting at that little corner store

When we both least expected it our destiny resurrected it
Now let me kiss you as I will, I’ve got looks to kill

Baby, your my man and I surely can

Now well fucking jam in your silver Dodge Ram
You’re here, I’m here, an inseparable pair

Without a care of the world, a love life adorned

Bound in Grace


I’ve found the grace that dwells within my spirit, radiating from my heart and vanquishing the negativity that lies anywhere near me and my life. A hopeful faith that exudes through thoughts, actions and words, even the movement of a body. Grace is just like a magic carpet, you sit with it, become it and it shall take you anywhere you could possibly fathom.

Manifesting grace has been quite thrilling, watching the way it ripples through everything I am and out into the world around me. The smell of love, of grace of hope, it’s silly really to think you can smell emotions, yet I can. I smelt the divinity of happiness and grace as I walked through the house. As I smelt the laundry being washed, I felt the grace of what it is to be human; to help others and to literally change the very energy not only in myself but the things around me.

This is a stone castle being built, a castle that will far outlast my mere beautiful life on this planet. With that knowing, with that faith I am content. Content on my path of redemption and success.

Grace is such blessing to have in my life, to just bathe in that presence. I feel it so deeply, it’s like applying a delicate yet powerful aroma to my soul. Yet, really grace is my soul, it’s what I’ve chosen to become.

The distinguishing diploma of a foolish girl transformed into a elegant, patience woman; that’s the initiation of my heart forever bound to the cosmos. As I let all that doesn’t serve me and the highest of all gracefully go, I welcome in all of my hearts desires.