Supernaturally in Love: Twin Flames

He walks back in ready to bare his heart, he wants a fresh start. The courage it takes for him to be this authentic is boundless. He had shed every demon to transcend to his masculine power. He knows she is THE ONE & he hopes like hell she will forgive him completely.

He knows she will but his ego likes to tell him otherwise. But, for once in his lifetime he is going to walk by faith and not sight. He is ready to bare his heart and live a truly open life of the ultimate express of unconditional love. He has set his ego aside to come home. To tenderly confess his truth, his love to his divine feminine.

The way he has let go, the way he has allowed the connection to truly take him, to lead him is a beautiful sight to behold. He will walk in front of the world and confess his love. He will never ever let her go again because he knows now she is his everything. They are ONE for all of eternity.


Lady Empress of Jupiter 

Bathing in diamonds like I do,

Broken molds, broken hearts,

It happens with fresh starts.
Rejected, subjected, redirected,

All for something better than a mere mortal could ever bestow upon this Goddess.
Satisfaction in knowing I always win,

No matter my sins I’m found in love,

This feeling my drug, so high let’s ride.
Now as it blows, I’m the Queen of Rome,

No games, just me dressed in Fame,

I’ll never be the same, he’ll never be the same,

Resurrected every fallen dream, so it be,

I’m lady jubilee, Jupiter empress, lady love.

Golden Lamb

Painting: Robert Bly


Silly little lamb so powerful in her desire

Within her a inferno of raging fire, Stars dance above

It’s like the entirety of everything is giving her a hug

Golden lamp, Genie friend grants every wish

God has forgiven every one of her sins

Now she steps forth and takes the crown with harmonious sounds

Win, win, win I came to be through the strength of my angels deeds

Planted righteous seeds and sprout forth my golden tree

Bounty of fruit so ripe with success, my darling lamb is the best

Now as I honor the Goddess within, My own sacred light

I do shine in force of a billion lights

Every wish is mine, I declared it so, I turn water to gold

Ambiance Extravaganza 

Sunny disposition is this woman wishing

As I glisten in the ambiance of extravagance I know I’m elegant 

I spread every jewel in disposition to my bestowed honor 
Hallelujah to every thought that’s created the destiny of the stars

The twinkle of glamour is how I serve my people

Through their heart I call upon each one to stand 
Stand for the righteous, a mighty force of dignity 

Sure I have a past and God knows a mouth full of sass

I’m more than a lass, I’m a wealthy woman with trophies of glass
As I sit upon this pentacle my skin comes alive in freedom

My hair sways in the essence of eternal beauty

Clearly my glow is summoned from heaven 
Seven pentacles sit upon my head and one shields my heart 

I match make every lonely soul, I give diamonds to the poor

I bathe the weak in the power of divinity, I see what’s to be seen 
I comfort the fiends, I dedicate my glory to something greater 

I know this life of wealth comes with great responsibility 
Yet it wouldn’t be mine if I didn’t have the capability

In this white silk gown I fly through every storm

With this winning ticket I’m the one who did it 

Darling Grace

Special heart, darling grace through her style
A dove in her eyes, a weapon for a soul
The light of the central sun, a woman with a gun

A gun of roses, a portrait fairy tale, her magical source
Beauty of a Queen, essence of a saint
Trust of water, river of breath, poured forth creation

Developed abundantly, spinning wildly, vividly seen
Seen through the eyes of billions, sought after
Brought upon the throne, laid bare yet ample

Vicinity of heaven, elegance of her honest embrace
Carrying you through, forsaking your ego to love always
You see, you see this is her, a beauty undeterred


Lady Adore


A woman of great compassion, you look into her eyes and she heals all sadness

The mad, the psychotic, the outcasts, the misunderstood

She see’s all, she knows their thoughts, she hears their call


After all she’s come to save the world as her name is Lady Adore

I’ve reached the shores, I summon every great amphibian to do my bidding

They shall not hide, irrelevant of the snark snide wiles


I have the yearning of humanity on my side, I am Lady Adore

You were born attached to my cord, always welcome at my door

Opened me you have and that being I’m so glad


No more shed tears, I relinquish every last fear

Weary foes, I even have love to soothe your soul

I present you with a bow from my shelf of destiny


I comfort the world in each day, through every second I’m there to inspire change

Will you be ready when it comes to your day, tell me you say


Lady adore is here, on her way


Forever and ever shall I brave the stay to mend spirits from clay

Queen of Men


Peering over the newspaper his eyes lock with mine

I turn the key and set the mystery free

A luncheon in progress, his mind on business


A matter at hand is what brought me here

A debatable stance he discusses with the like

His shirt unbuttoned one too many, Ah his pride


I excuse myself from the discussion, my heart wondering

Mind pondering, I brace my hands on the stone terrace ledge

The partition of the other room sets me free


I open my antique clutch,  pull out my compact for a vain touch

Dolled to perfection

CoCo Chanel is the way it’s spelled, I purse my lips to applicate


Is this my fortune, a deluxe luxury

A luncheon in a hill top fortress for business I have no interest


A deep voice approaches from behind, I turn to glance over my back

It’s he who I don’t know, yet it’s as we do

What am I to say, are there words to convey?


He says nothing, and leans in on the terrace, surveying the vicinity like a hawk

In that essence I felt his apparition, like a miraculous revelation


“You’re one of us,

You’re one of us.”

He asserts.


“It’s me or the gallows of what it means to be banished, you don’t want that, my lady.”


How dare he presume what I do or do not want, how egocentric, Mister conflicted


“I was bore of love, I came through grace to open up a new way.

To braze a trail through what I choose to do.

If I am for you it will be, I will not forsake my golden rules for tyrannical fools!”

Said like a true vixen, with cat like glee.


“You see, It’s I who chose you to be one of us, it’s in Goddess we trust

You’re just a man of lust

Baby, this is going to be so much fun, you better bring your gun.”


An Empire, he brought to me

I’ll ride, I haven’t ever felt so alive

Queen Bee in her hive