Supernaturally in Love: Twin Flames

He walks back in ready to bare his heart, he wants a fresh start. The courage it takes for him to be this authentic is boundless. He had shed every demon to transcend to his masculine power. He knows she is THE ONE & he hopes like hell she will forgive him completely.

He knows she will but his ego likes to tell him otherwise. But, for once in his lifetime he is going to walk by faith and not sight. He is ready to bare his heart and live a truly open life of the ultimate express of unconditional love. He has set his ego aside to come home. To tenderly confess his truth, his love to his divine feminine.

The way he has let go, the way he has allowed the connection to truly take him, to lead him is a beautiful sight to behold. He will walk in front of the world and confess his love. He will never ever let her go again because he knows now she is his everything. They are ONE for all of eternity.


Guardian Angels 


Trusting with my deepest knowing

I know the angelic thoughts are ordaining my way

Way to eternal life, to become everlasting

As I honor the trust of my guardians I accept the new way

Life as a poet that speaks and sings to the heart

Like a talented hand weaving with yarn of gold
I know there is so much more in store


I’m more than a woman adorned, I’m forever more

I’ve found the cure to every condition
It first comes with a formal admission, it heals all addiction


If only we will listen, we then find the answers we seek

This experience we feel & see is unexplainable in human terms
With the spirit of discernment you will know the holy spirit is here


Speaking with me to predetermine my success to be

Now as I begin to lead I’m everything I’ve wanted to be
Adore, adore, I’m so precious with my glamour allure


Do you want more of what my guardians have in store?

Hear the lion of Judah roar as the Angels of God soar
Super nova waves are that in which I bathe


I’m in a body made of clay yet my soul is forever alive

I accept my time to step onto the platform of a world far beyond
This day has a new dawn, I’m no longer a pawn


Child of righteousness is what it means to be free

Now I’m blessed with wealth, riches and prosperity proceed
These angels say hi, they love you so


Now take the time to listen to the voice

You know which one, it longs to join
As I now fly, I’m living in ecstasy abide


This roller coaster ride is beyond my wildest dreams

I’m so thankful I believed

Trust I’ll proceed

Blue Eyed Godsend



I learned something from a blue eyed man

He trusted me when I didn’t trust myself

His faith saved me in so many ways, never gave up hope


Loved me at my worst, he held me through every bout of suffering

Wondering when I’d see the light and entertain my truth

The way his deep voice soothed my ears


Many times I refused to hear as I was lost in fear

Tears that could quench every dry mouth, he spoke of me aloud

How proud he was because even when doubt was ripe, I refused to let the demons inside


Cried in his spirit begging for forgiveness, he knew I would go my own way

Just for a time I had to believe those lies, hide from him, I wouldn’t listen

Sinful it was, I was sawing dust


Then I turned around & I saw those blue eyes, those big hands reach out

In his comforting embrace I went, a true godsend, I finally listened


I see those blue eyes in every dream with such precise gleam

Now as I take my ark down this stream, it’s in God I’m free

Universal light we all shine, made up of star dust


In unconditional love I trust

Jehovah’s Rave


Glass kisses in this fractured room

Existence of multiple personalities, lost in reality

Screaming for these demons to come out of me


Convulsing in the vile thoughts of a wretched battle

Disaster of old ritualistic thinking, dramatic extraordinaire

Feeling like no one cares to dare to save my soul, I beg to gain control


Then I rose, I took a hold to forsake the demons who couldn’t see me

Couldn’t be me, trying to possess yet couldn’t get very far, none the less

I was told God loves me so, authority of my show


So I did, I blessed my temple, it was all really so simple

Fickle demons, dirty illusions off to their next willing host

Prayer for the souls who give up will


My heart beats for their honor to come

Come home to the paradise inside

Where all the great prophets have told us to erect
our shrine


No more lies from pitiful mouths with pricking hisses

Love for the lost, grace for the saved

There is a party here that awaits


Jehovah’s rave

Queen of the World


Lace drapes blowing in the mountain breeze

My hair a golden mane, good times here at home

Barefoot, long dress, nails polished in bright red

Hair up real big, longing for the touch of soul

Harnessing my great power for the betterment of all

My womb the home of my ideas, the birthing of an empire

Empress, you’re welcome here on my throne

Throne of plush divinities, I am so hypnotizing

Ancient folklore, a whole other world, I live in this dimension

Tell me everything, I already know, clairvoyance is my best friend

Feather bed of my dreams, I bare my body, oh the sensuality of my movement

Your hearts beating so fast, faster I got you feeling anxious, so dangerous

In the desert of life, in the garden of trust, in the bountiful harvest of grace

I can materialize anywhere, I’m here I’ve been called, chosen after all

The war is on, let me tell you my fierce desire is such a lighting bolt

You will see such beauty, the sacrifice of all of me to transition

The transition of a million butterflies, the metamorphosis of a beautifully adorned angel

The angel of a billion dreams, tumbling through fear to bring peace, sex and love

The sex of your mind, the mind of your fantasies, Oh I got it all



A beautiful ever after

Grass so soft, such as a million feathers

A robe so feminine, emerald green

Through the trees, I’ve found the heart of God

The way they breath, like a baby you see

I’ve often felt a yearning for the elements

A release of desire, a chance to be sovereign


Sovereign like an eagle soaring above

Like my jewels, even as my spirit

All for a beautiful ever after

A darling life, a intricate display of brilliant flowers

The water in my eyes for the land I love

Don’t catch me running, running in glee

Through the eternal life to unite with God, you see

Red Lips, Kiss Kiss

Red Lips, Kiss Kiss

Got my hair done, take me out

Dolled for the masses, toasting champagne

Seep into these veins, flow into my blood

Call me faithful, call me beautiful

Just more than words can explain

Specially brazen, social graces

Red hair, will make any man think twice

Can’t wait for you to get inside

Inside my mind, inside my transfixing contributions

I told you this isn’t a fucking illusion

I got God, I got God

I consummate in this presence, a shower of energy


Don’t you dare take your eyes off of me, I’ll behold you forever you see

A dainty girl, an enigma trifecta, a real lady girl

Angel love, sexy much

This enterprise built upon love

I’m the mirror, mirror, mirror

See the reflection, see it so

Holy doll, Holy Queen

You’re flying in my breeze, raised by ancient Gods

I know, I turn, I show, all for the eyes

Your eyes, My Eyes