Bountiful Oracle

The great permission slip, the oracle of prophecy. A wish granted, a testimonial of truth. A declaration of wealth, a pentacle of successful honor.

Dripping in green, green leaves that dance in fields of kind birds. Freely golden, freely frozen, freely risen, freely loved. Luxurious gowns flowing in the mystical breeze, a security of lineage. A lineage of entitlement and prestige.

Fabulous jewels adorn me in emerald means. Haughty in decor of opulence, dancing in purity of holy nature. Esteemed in the exclamation of righteous birth right.

Exalted as most desirable, irresistible to brazen beauty. Stone angels watch my soul, my freedom of self is in control. Surrendered to a spirit of greatness. The delicate aspirations, the feverish desires of my heart.

Mansions of tenderness, pillars of silvers and pearls. Clouds of cherubs, serpahim beholds. Glamour washed in a bath of extravagance. Lips of red sun, skin of milk. 

A paradise, a terra nova of spinning delight. Delicious, exposed, vulnerable by my bare body. Nursing the elements of life with my bountiful ways. Shows and spectacles of extraordinaire. Ribbons, banters, a crown of stars.

Pristine in presence, peace in my reverence. Whistling candles, portraits of a fanciful life. A truly diamond mind, a clarity of sight. I am alive.


Dreams Come True 

Butterfly starlight sprinkles my fairytale life 

Prizes, winnings and gifts galore

I’m reveling in the beauty a more
Cameras, microphones and media appearances

Shopping, giving, speaking for sure 

I love my life with my glamour allure 
I bathe in my dreams, I am so relieved 

What I wanted came to be just because I faithfully believed 

Rekindling Romance  

His look as he turns around and notices it’s me

The woman he tried to forget yet I was never amiss

Now look at me dressed to perfection in all my glory
Don’t we have quite the story to share as life has changed

I’ve found fame, I’ll never ever be the same

I’m more than a plain Jane, I’m a glamour dame
You’re just a country boy with a wit I’ll always bask in

It’s almost like our loves a sin yet I know together we win

Didn’t you miss me, I know you did
Now we have each other and we shall truly live

You let go of what was holding you back

I let go of all that baggage resisting my happy ending
It’s so beautiful together as in life were winning

The look, the meeting at that little corner store

When we both least expected it our destiny resurrected it
Now let me kiss you as I will, I’ve got looks to kill

Baby, your my man and I surely can

Now well fucking jam in your silver Dodge Ram
You’re here, I’m here, an inseparable pair

Without a care of the world, a love life adorned

True Love


My head on your chest, the way your chin rests on my forehead

It’s like everything I’ve said has come full circle

Every dream fulfilled, every woman’s fantasy become


White teeth smiles, happy thoughts

Unconditional love, with imagination comes cultivation

Our very existence is a jubilee celebration


Out of every constellation you’re my favorite star

I know you won’t ever go far because you’re always in my heart

I keep every loving word you’ve ever sad in my jar of glee


I deem the way we breathe in sync to a life of contentment

It’s how we do this in our act of commitment

Baby come, baby go, I’ll never stop loving you so

Golden Dreams


One moment is all it took

Life is forever changed, I won’t ever be the same

I promise I’ll always stay sane


Now frame me in that picture all my listeners

This moment is everything I’ve waited for

I’ve opened the red door


All it took was letting go to let the pieces flow

Flow into place to create this desired time in space


I will live for the ones who’ve lost their dreams

The ones who can’t bare to open their eyes from gloom & doom

Watch my television show as it’s airing soon


They tell me it will be in June

Golden dreams is everything I preach, in purple divinity my blood bleeds

All because of this winning deed, a planted seed was the eternal tree


Which forth has set me free

Queen Armor

Society girl in a fashion world, curvy adore in a world for skinny bores

Is it so bad I have more, I mean I am the Queen of heaven armor

Now as I lure you into this voluptuous body I know I own you solely


Vogue covers in this Armani dress I swear is my lover

I will no longer suffer as I’m too holy in my trinity of mind, body & spirit

I wear this spiritual essence well as I do this diamond liaison spell


An event, a concoction of the imagination that has been brought to surface

No longer cheap tricks with cheap dates as I’ve succeeded the poverty state

At this rate I’ll behead every royal and take my place


At the top where I’ve beckoned the power of every God

This is what it means to be a reverent Lord

Now take this sword and assign me with my Kindgom adorned