Candy Fantasy 

Lolly pops, gum drops, why don’t you come in my candy shop

Ice cream fantasies with these sexy lace panties

Chase me, face me just give me a chocolate love affair
I don’t care as long as you feed me sprinkles

Big bows are my everlasting rainbow show, I’m a star

It’s all happening ten fold, I’m so bold with my candy cane trove
Now show me that bubble gum tootsie roll as I lick on this ice cream cone

Glitter infused kisses within my gingerbread aura, don’t you wanna taste

Taste my sweet cherry love, I’m every sweet tooth candy rush drug

Honey Queen


Touched by magical money dipped in sweet, sweet honey

Isn’t it funny how I talked the talk then walked the walk

I’ve fought for everything I’ve got, In allowance I sought

Now I’ve bought everything, every dream within my beauty chi

Diamonds in gold, I swear I’m a millionaire on the phone

I’ve blown my mind I’ve found the time to cry

Weep for the new me, weep for the old me, weep for the glory I’ll receive

Now as the everlasting breath of life has deemed, I’m Queen


Chosen One 

Stars form in my bones as I sit upon this unicorn throne

I’ve bathed in glittering thoughts as I manifest softly, costly

Dreams come true if it’s you you’ll choose
Choose the way of life, thinking your way out of strife

Lady love, Lady Luck is on your side, buckle up for this ride

You’ll have to dive inside, go within to win every gem
A world without sin where everybody is kin

All the beautiful men and glamorous women living their dreams

A thousand sparkles bridge the gap between love and doubt
Now turn around round and gaze upon this pretty pink pout

This is life on the chosen route