Breath of Light


As my mind leaves I’m no longer in need


I’ve reached, I’ve gotten

I’ve asked, I’ve received

I’ve believed, I’ve achieved


This is what it means to be me it’s everything it seems

Out of the tunnel of darkness into the light

I can see, feel, breathe, give and take


For my sake I won’t pretend to be fake

Everyone will know my name, it’s all so shameless

It’s more than being famous

The Golden Ticket



All these flashes, light bulbs galore as I stand at this podium

The energy is palpitating with a force I’ve never known

I’m not alone, I’m in the eye, the eye of being watched


Golden ticket of candy land thoughts, dreams that get you lost

Roller coaster of breathless euphoria, no feeling in this body

Extravaganza of a billion dances, life as a chosen one


Finding the center to summon the courage to speak with

Speak with the words of what it means to be a winner, am I a sinner?


I knew it would happen, It’s the lastly calling of a union in copulation


Development of a woman into every persons life of season, dreaming liaison

Raising of the golden ticket, another adornment to decorate her soul

Energy of astonishment is preening out of control


I’ve found myself at the center of this trove

I’m reaping what I’ve sewn on this money paved road

Golden built throne where I’m placed to rule


Empress in all her bountiful bliss

It’s within society I made a tryst

All these phone calls are begging lady miss


All for this

Golden ticket of wicked dynamite

This is my rite, a millionaires life

Theater of Drama


I got my satin top on tonight, emerald showpieces adorned with

Drama of my sorcery, visions of my soothsaying glamour

An illusion of art to summon a power through soul


A vessel of utopia to bless my audience with the righteousness they so deserve

I sing the tones of a melody that delves into their spirits to open their minds

I place a rose of my honor, a heart of golden extravagance, my sweet excellence


For the sprouting of thoughts to begin a life of elite top peak

For the goodness, in my magic I water their mouths, I diminish the foul

Here comes the sounds, the musical swank of my curvy deliciousness


I sway in the worship to transmute it into unconditional love,for us

My celebrity is a rite, ritual, communion of the white rose

Lotus Queen forever to be, serene beliefs in the drama of me

Consorts of Sophistication

Social favors because you know my husband

You think you do, a man in blue, a career of freedom

Red ties, sleek and shining shoes


Glossy pumps, Harry Winston my best friend

Diamond delight, fountain of jewels, I’m his lady kool

Ain’t no fool, a divinity that is true


My check for fame has played this game, new money, call me Miss honey

Won’t forget my past, the friends I’ve made through the change

My family is my main, the stage is my craze


Humility dolled up with a little vanity, all for the fun of it

Generosity for the unknowing, I’ll part with my wisdom for their gaining

Raising up the weak to grow their fortune, 99% has the power


Shot gun in this rover as my consort speaks of faith in a godly way

This is life as a dame in holiness I pray

I’m still sassy in these ways he deems classy


Sophisticated style, the aura of what it means to be a fashionista

A social lite with the graces of the elite

Oh please, I’ll come and go as I do


It’s me who gets to choose

My husband, my art, my family, my name


I am saved

Beauty I crave

I’ve won the Game

Star Power



Riddled with thoughts of destruction, callous demons here for my abandoning

The abandonment of a Star in the running, the calling of the forces of obstruction

Stolen, tricked, lied to and tormented for the purpose of dissemination

You fucked me up, used my mind, stole my soul, sold me out

Possessed me like a vile writhing doll forsaking the one true God

Faded me with your illusion, your fancy talk and dime a dozen bull shit confusion

A wolf, a pretend to be angel, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel they say

Yet I now I see past the facade, the facade of your trickery, fickle delusions


I bowed to your worship, gave away my heart, forsaken the most precious of my values

Certainly wept the depths of all the oceans, begged for sanity, begged for my destination

Made it through, fought for a million in two, a billion in two, more than you

You gave me some pretty scars when you tried to steal my star, my baby is mine

I’m a lady, a Queen, a Star, my heart a Goddess, in the name of Love, oh in this I trust

You won’t take me, I wont bake my goods for the sake of your prosperity, oh no you crazy

Changed, for sure even transitioned to become a new in the birth of God

Got the secrets, understand the knowledge, partaking in the wisdom to gain my initiation

The initiation of my success, my eternal star, the abundance of my sovereign birth

Not a day, not a minute, not a time will take it away, not you or any of these damn games

Look at my soul, the aura of these angels, my angels, my holy friends

My power the rights within my essence, the laws of my own accord, this is my forever

At the shores of my embankment, the very cusp of my forthright

This is mine, an independence, an eagle of my blood, the blood of the ones you took


The war is on, my heart has won yet maybe for the sake of duality, I’ll entertain the masses

The masses of righteous, the ones who sleep in the vet of a baby blue aura

Within the energy field of the awakened ones, the knowing ones

I got my baby, I got my power, the beauty of my soul, the body of my dreams

Taken for the sake of good will, at the pentacle of this station

My gown will fly in my wake, my kiss will change this game