Supernaturally in Love: Twin Flames

He walks back in ready to bare his heart, he wants a fresh start. The courage it takes for him to be this authentic is boundless. He had shed every demon to transcend to his masculine power. He knows she is THE ONE & he hopes like hell she will forgive him completely.

He knows she will but his ego likes to tell him otherwise. But, for once in his lifetime he is going to walk by faith and not sight. He is ready to bare his heart and live a truly open life of the ultimate express of unconditional love. He has set his ego aside to come home. To tenderly confess his truth, his love to his divine feminine.

The way he has let go, the way he has allowed the connection to truly take him, to lead him is a beautiful sight to behold. He will walk in front of the world and confess his love. He will never ever let her go again because he knows now she is his everything. They are ONE for all of eternity.


Skies of Humanity

The skies so blue, so appearing here and there. The freedom within that sings within the heart of humanities win. You see there are no sins just experiences to bring forthcoming grain.
Grain of love, an abundant harvest of everlasting love. Free, righteous for all. Will you focus and call forth the grandest joy of all. Will you turn away from the fear, the lack, poverty and deadly woes. Seek within, find the friend o love in your heart. The gift you’ve been given to transcend.
The happiness, the bliss, the loving unions, reunions. The dinner table laughs, the smiling faces covered in dirt. The playing children basking in the innocence of childhood. The mothers giving life. The fathers uplifting through strife.
My darling dear one, do you see it’s what side you choose? Will you focus on love or will you choose the blues? Breathtaking views, angelic kisses. Falling in love, charity for the lost. A world so loving, so joyfully found. If you look around you’ll see LOVE is here ringing loud.

God of Dreams

Gladly seen beyond fame

Call me Lady, call me Dame

My heart is my game, my love is here to make a change

Through it all I’ve come to know this beautiful show is me

Me through self, through soul, giving my everything to God

A God of dreams, of such luxurious love

Dancing so beautifully to the words of spirit, a graceful fate

The fate of eternity, the eternal life of my essence

Dress me up and call me forever, lovely I am

Queen of Hearts


An ample woman in your dreams, a great force comes to life in your fantasy

The reality of a Queen, a break-taking beholding woman to be, my man you see

A fertile soil, the garden of my body, you come to bring your seed

An indestructible flower that is the fabric of our lives, is it for this feeling we strive

No my love, we are free flowing in this river, a river of hearts to the soul of fresh air

Airy grace, walking through rain, showing myself what it is to be brave

Like the man you are, the King of my star, the star of my heart, the heart of my trust

A welcoming embrace, the touch of your face, my darling so, my lover to behold

Beholden in the lingering of eternal breath, a breath of life

This tree, this tree is who I am, this tree has birthed the infinite essence of our love

The ferocious yet gentle caress, nurturing like thy mother, powerful like thy father

As I dance through this field, this field of dreams, in these dreams I bathe

An experience of a trillion trifectas, the trinity of everything

Call upon the Great Spirit, Call upon the Source of all

Let our love live, Let our life be, Let our dreams become as they so


Holly Kurt

Everlasting Life


Becoming the way is how we show the way. If we cant be the wisdom we speak, then it holds no meaning and we become another talking head. I’ll admit I used to give out the best wisdom, advice and feedback but I wasn’t living by that. My life wasn’t a reflection of my knowledge and that’s why I was suffering.

For what is knowledge if it is not used to be better and do better. When we stop cultivating our true self our soul and identify solely with our ego this is when we truly suffer. Although through this suffering it gives birth to some of our greatest wisdom.

I knew the way through my suffering but I was continually making the choice to go against my heart and lay trapped with ego. Finally I had enough and that is when my journey began to raise my consciousness, become the best me and manifest the life of my dreams. The ego had me trapped in very dark beliefs that something bad had to happen for something incredible to happen.

That energy field I was resonating in was just fear and fear will do anything and say anything to keep you trapped. That’s how it feeds of your free will to choose it, it has no real power on its own, only the power we give it. Through us using our free will for the betterment of our true selves which in return is the betterment of humanity we will transform. We will not only transform ourselves, but the world and the planet.

So one step at a time, one thought at a time I am building my foundation of greatness, success and abundance with fertile soul watered with unconditional love, hope, faith and eternal life. As my seeds begin to grow, my tree of life shall bear all the fruit of the great spirit of everything that is.

We can’t convert anyone, we can’t persuade anyone. This is not our way, our way is BEING the way through our divine essence, our mere light will show the way. It will inspire others and others whom resonate shall come and we will manifest a new heaven and a new earth through manifesting the divine expression of our deepest desires and dreams.

Meditating our way to everlasting life.