Bountiful Oracle

The great permission slip, the oracle of prophecy. A wish granted, a testimonial of truth. A declaration of wealth, a pentacle of successful honor.

Dripping in green, green leaves that dance in fields of kind birds. Freely golden, freely frozen, freely risen, freely loved. Luxurious gowns flowing in the mystical breeze, a security of lineage. A lineage of entitlement and prestige.

Fabulous jewels adorn me in emerald means. Haughty in decor of opulence, dancing in purity of holy nature. Esteemed in the exclamation of righteous birth right.

Exalted as most desirable, irresistible to brazen beauty. Stone angels watch my soul, my freedom of self is in control. Surrendered to a spirit of greatness. The delicate aspirations, the feverish desires of my heart.

Mansions of tenderness, pillars of silvers and pearls. Clouds of cherubs, serpahim beholds. Glamour washed in a bath of extravagance. Lips of red sun, skin of milk. 

A paradise, a terra nova of spinning delight. Delicious, exposed, vulnerable by my bare body. Nursing the elements of life with my bountiful ways. Shows and spectacles of extraordinaire. Ribbons, banters, a crown of stars.

Pristine in presence, peace in my reverence. Whistling candles, portraits of a fanciful life. A truly diamond mind, a clarity of sight. I am alive.


Husband of Life

Dancing in the waters of my lovers heart, dreaming from a fantasy on a shore of trophies. Tantalizing my way into his mouth, opening myself up for him to fill me up.

I brisk through a magical garden filled with shrubs of cascading thoughts. Running through an angelic realm, a forest I ride on through. Saddled up for a breathing eternity. 

Torches of the found, torches of the lost. He takes me in his arms and brazenly devours my candy flesh. My sparkling delight in a womanly surprise. My cowboy of life, my warrior inside. My husband takes me to be his for all of time.

The Revelation 

I speak in the clarity of prophecy, it’s like the air I breathe has wind in the way it’s said. The sound of the articulation, the motivation of my annunciation. 

Candle flames drive a whole world insane, a populace pretending to be sane. I will change, I’m the one that’s not the same. My heart is not up for games.

A little strange, kinda eccentric, blessedly so. I open my chest, I bare my body for a man like you. Will you take me, will you come inside me, where we confide. I will allow everything you have to become one with so.

It’s now out of our control, we have this seed that’s nearly full grown. Now I’m birthing this rose, this gift you have me. Anything can be a savior, the revelation.

Candy Fantasy 

Lolly pops, gum drops, why don’t you come in my candy shop

Ice cream fantasies with these sexy lace panties

Chase me, face me just give me a chocolate love affair
I don’t care as long as you feed me sprinkles

Big bows are my everlasting rainbow show, I’m a star

It’s all happening ten fold, I’m so bold with my candy cane trove
Now show me that bubble gum tootsie roll as I lick on this ice cream cone

Glitter infused kisses within my gingerbread aura, don’t you wanna taste

Taste my sweet cherry love, I’m every sweet tooth candy rush drug

Kitty Kat

My kitty kat purrs as I serve my man these curves

Holiday smiles all the while I bare his orgasm

Now can you fathom my kissy ways, I’m your lady fave
These puckered red lips bring only pussy love

The way you come up behind me bestows more than a hug

Now give me all those manly needs
I breathe in and out with this jade pout

The way you feel so sprung, my body has sung

XXX Christmas Sex


Christmas sex will make your mouth water

Your heart loitering in my hands, you’re my number one fan

Can you unwrap this gift and make your love fit
This is what I am a woman of ritz, I throw diamond infused fits

Now let me sit in your lap and bask in what’s about to go down

Down you go with a mouth out of control, some exotic tongue show

Moans, groans it’s just us creating holiday magic

Isn’t it so tragic the way you put down the love lock sound

Clap, clap for me baby I’m just your woman crazy

Not even your darkest fantasies can phase me

Try me, dive inside me and confide your gift

Kiss, kiss, this sex on Christmas is pure bliss

Portal of Lust


Fuck me like you do that girl in your mind

I see the way you people watch and get caught

You undress them piece by piece








I can see the excitement in your eyes in a world of fancy

Won’t you fuck me like you do every girl you dream of


Your eyes like portals summoning the models in magazines

The porn you watch, I know all about that, every website address

I catch it all, I want to know will you fuck me like you would them


Is it crazy to think how it would feel to be one of your mind’s girls

I dance in your mind, I beckon the lust at call to build my shrine


I’m the star of every fantasy you fancy, I’m the girl you fuck in those dreams

I promise you it’s everything it seems or so we pretend it to be