Oh yes my faithful ways, My dreamy eyes

I ask and it’s still a surprise, oh my life

What a wonderful ride in a golden garb

Wonders some deem impossible, I see through the lens of unity & all it’s already done 
My burning heart, my loving bones

My darling freedom rings in the wind

I’m a lady, Your lady, Lady of the world
A cosmic child of the stars, A living fathom

I get what I want, I become who I am

My abundance, my heart filled sparkling show of theatrics
You see my cowboy my King, I am divine royalty, do you see you are too?

The true chosen are the ones whom choose thyself to be the best they can

I turn dry brittle war ridden lands into fertile grounds of everlasting life, I am the way

Follow me and all your dreams will come to be 


Compassion for others

Just because people don’t respect others doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be compassionate and understanding to why they are treating people the way they are.

When you live in a place of unconditional love you can see why someone would do anything. This doesn’t mean we condone it, it just means we can see from a place of knowing. This is enlightenment.