Light & Darkness 

The darkness I hold was once feared from the deepest parts of my soul. The farther I travel into the light the more I realize the beauty it holds. Now I put on a show of eternal ecstasy, a gorgeous fantasy.

Evil, Good, nothing, everything it matters not, it matters more than eternity. It’s a dichotomy of my holographic existence. Miss me, kiss me I AM the lady fancy.

Let me stand, let me seduce in my silk robe in a mansion of marble. Let you marvel at my carnival of theatrics. I’ll become dark, I’ll become light. I am everlasting nothingness in a beautiful safari.

Every candle lit, every perfect pose, my special picture of the millennium. A star of a fine kind, a delicate master piece built with fire; worshiped as a shrine. In me you can confide, come inside.


Ascension: You’ve made it!

Thank you, Dear ones. 👼👼👼 

Thank you for calling forth your grandest vision, for doing the much needed internal work. Thank you for peeling back the layers, transmitting the pain into unconditional love & transcending the ego self. You are so free, so loved, so eternally connected to source consciousness.

You have made so much progress, you have done your work diligently. You have made mistakes along the way, many mistakes. Yet you’ve never given up, you’ve let despair take over. You’ve traveled the depths of hell. Yet the light of God, of spirit has lead you back. You are the truest definition of strength.

You have experienced the duality of this world like a true light champion. You have saw the ego for what it is & that is a tool. You now know it’s not the enemy, it’s nothing more than a primal force of the material world.  

 You my child are a divine eternal being of everlasting love. Thank you for becoming who you really are! Thank you for calling forth the grandest unconditional LOVE ever conceivable! Enjoy your well deserved success, recognition, peace of mind & heart. Most of all eternal divine LOVE with source within your divine partner. 

You see source is within all things, appreciate all things and you will be the closest to source you can become. Enjoy life, enjoy the world. Teach the lost, inspire the uninitiated. Show the world the truest, most authentic, loving version of who you are.

Always remember you are of the divine. You are eternal within all things. Fly free my dove, my butterfly. May every angel bless you for all eternity.

Thank you.

Life, a Series of Moments





Fear is every doubtful thought, every lingering sense of sadness; that voice that keeps us from truly being and doing what it’s on our heart. Fear can either be like an addictive drug which brings more of it into your life or fear can be fuel for our success. Letting go, leaving fear behind, understanding fear, coming to terms that fear does exist is apart of our journey.

I know what fear can do to a person. Fear can change everything you are into everything you are not, destroying your life and everything you hold dear. Fear ruins dreams, fear kills much. If we aren’t careful often what we fear the most will come to be because we have harnessed that energy so much.

We are often brought up as children in fearful circumstances, being programmed with fear from an early age. Whether it’s from television programming or our parents in fear that they wont make rent, the mortgage and other bills, etc. Most people whom grew up this way are now facing the same dilemmas themselves. Our childhood programming is quite challenging to transcend yet it can be done and has been millions of times.

The first step is being conscious of fear, what are your fears, fear is really anything negative that hinders your life, your mood and your personal well being. Sure there may be times are body is in pain but we can still choose to live in fear or in love. Are the thoughts of it’s better and going to be better or are the thoughts I am so sick?

WE and only WE get to choose the thoughts we entertain, we are the ones who entertain fear and let it seep into our lives, minds and essentially ruin our lives with mediocrity. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be GREAT but you do have to let go of fear and live in LOVE to be great!

Your parents, your ex lover, the people whom bullied you, hurt you or assaulted you didn’t make you the way you are and they didn’t make me the way I am. I, you, we have chosen to be the way we are through the thoughts and energy we have entertained. What we entertain we become, what we think is what we are. 

Fear has a million different ways of seeping into your aura and attacking your spirit. We have all felt it, lived it and some of us unfortunately become it. Yet the beauty of being human is that we can make the decision to honor our light and transcend fear. I choose to let it go, I choose to know that fear is a part of this physical dimension but that I have the right to not partake in it’s entertainment. You don’t have to either!

So as we go through our day, through each moment we replace any fearful thoughts with thoughts of self empowerment. Knowing that you know endlessly, that you are the best person you can be and each moment manifesting a better you, a better life. 

Each moment counts! What is life but a series of moments. We don’t remember days, we remember moments. Let’s make each one count. ❤

Releasing Self Judgement

We are on the path of changing our lives through our thoughts and there is something important to be aware of as we do this.


We now know that thoughts attract like thoughts and we are doing our very best at letting the negative thoughts go and instantly embracing positive ones. As we continue to do this we will program ourselves to do it naturally and our subconscious mind will then automatically begin creating new thinking patterns. Through this we will become more at ease using the power of our mind.

Although there is something important we must be aware of when negative thoughts do come. As our awareness grows we start to notice how at odds the thoughts are with our ultimate desires. So as we start the process of reconditioning ourselves, we are continuously in conscious effort to rise above that negative energy. It’s important in this moment and every moment of thought to remain in grace and NOT judge ourselves.

The conscious awareness of how far off our thinking patterns are from our ultimate desires can trigger us into a setback if we judge ourselves. Don’t judge yourself for your past thinking patterns, simply know your desires. Know you are on the right path, let the negative thought simply go. Replace it with a good thought, a good story. As we continue to ascend it’s very important to let go of self judgement.

Self judgement holds us back and keeps us in perpetuation with what we do not want. If you find yourself feeling frustration, tension or anything like that just stop. Stop, breathe and think of the most fulfilling thing you want as if you have already achieved it. Visualize it with as much emotion and clarity as possible.

You are worthy, I am worthy, we are worthy of goodness. We shall not judge ourselves and therefore we shall transcend into our new way of being. Our life of dreams!

Dawn of a New Age



Ego! Ego! Ego! We all have it, it’s a part of navigating this realm, our ego can destroy us and bring total destruction. Sometimes our ego can even keep us safe. It’s that super doubtful, overly rational voice that seeks domination and power to no end. Has more pride than you’d like to even comprehend! That force is here for a reason. It’s not here to just teach us but to give us even show us we do have free will.

Ego is just the other end of duality, polarity. You have good and evil, black and white, dark and light. Masculine and feminine, it’s all the experience of the physical dimension. Suffering stems from ego, because when we are living in a place of ego we can’t be still to be I AM. I AM being the divine presence of everything that is in that moment, you united with all things.

Ego which causes suffering, greed and even poverty; which is a result of the mentality of scarcity. Which doesn’t truly exist, think about it everything we need is here on this planet we were born into. It’s our birth right to live in abundance, peace and infinite prosperity. It just so happens the ones gifted with the knowledge of harnessing the manifesting gifts we all are given, are the one percent.

Yet it’s a new dawn, a new age. So the truth always has a way of finding itself in the hands who seek it. So as the new age gains momentum we are manifesting a new earth and new heaven right here with each thought, in each moment.

We change the world by changing ourselves, by being masters of our own thoughts. There is no need to strive for perfection, there are certainly challenges. I face them daily, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Yet through every failure I come to realize that I must accept that ego is apart of this dynamic and it will come show its cards but that doesn’t mean I have to participate.

Sure there will always be moments where I start leaning into ego, I’m human just like you after all. Yet, I come from a place of unconditional love, to help, to benefit all of us, the collective. Through following my dreams, others will be inspired to do the same. So many forget how much their actions, words and thoughts have on the people around them.

We are all one, so when you do something it affects us all, even if mainstream culture would have you think otherwise. So I suppose the premise of this post is just to make amends with your ego, accept that it’s a part of the dynamic of life. Treat it as an acquaintance, but don’t confide or hang out with it like you would a best friend.

Then again it’s all a matter of perception, this is the essence of life right? Self expression.

Star Power



Riddled with thoughts of destruction, callous demons here for my abandoning

The abandonment of a Star in the running, the calling of the forces of obstruction

Stolen, tricked, lied to and tormented for the purpose of dissemination

You fucked me up, used my mind, stole my soul, sold me out

Possessed me like a vile writhing doll forsaking the one true God

Faded me with your illusion, your fancy talk and dime a dozen bull shit confusion

A wolf, a pretend to be angel, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel they say

Yet I now I see past the facade, the facade of your trickery, fickle delusions


I bowed to your worship, gave away my heart, forsaken the most precious of my values

Certainly wept the depths of all the oceans, begged for sanity, begged for my destination

Made it through, fought for a million in two, a billion in two, more than you

You gave me some pretty scars when you tried to steal my star, my baby is mine

I’m a lady, a Queen, a Star, my heart a Goddess, in the name of Love, oh in this I trust

You won’t take me, I wont bake my goods for the sake of your prosperity, oh no you crazy

Changed, for sure even transitioned to become a new in the birth of God

Got the secrets, understand the knowledge, partaking in the wisdom to gain my initiation

The initiation of my success, my eternal star, the abundance of my sovereign birth

Not a day, not a minute, not a time will take it away, not you or any of these damn games

Look at my soul, the aura of these angels, my angels, my holy friends

My power the rights within my essence, the laws of my own accord, this is my forever

At the shores of my embankment, the very cusp of my forthright

This is mine, an independence, an eagle of my blood, the blood of the ones you took


The war is on, my heart has won yet maybe for the sake of duality, I’ll entertain the masses

The masses of righteous, the ones who sleep in the vet of a baby blue aura

Within the energy field of the awakened ones, the knowing ones

I got my baby, I got my power, the beauty of my soul, the body of my dreams

Taken for the sake of good will, at the pentacle of this station

My gown will fly in my wake, my kiss will change this game


Swirling around feeling myself come alive

Outside the fire, forsaking my demons


My breasts bring forth your sensual desires

A roar inside you, I feel it, oh my pleasure

Can you see me move? Watch how I do


I came from water, that must be the source

Source of love, source of light


I come to you and lay at your feet

Give me all of you, give me your needs

I shall feed you with my soul


Show me how you love me, just trust me

Shall I cater to your masculinity?

May I cherish your feverish pursuit