Touched by An Angel 

Oh tower of love, oh rain the Sun,

How will it become, I am such a lady love 

Former to another, beautiful as whatever 
Holy water, blessed breath, peaceful kind,

My dear man, I can see you beyond all time, touched by an Angel.
Now show me what it means to be in your life of come to be. Wonderfully your girl of everything you need. In a world of fairytale make believe. 


Good vs Evil

We must focus on the GOOD in the world, on unconditional love, peace, harmony to bring about more transformation for peace. For every act of violence, racism, hate and death/murder there is an amazing miracle taking place.

WE can choose to live in a place of unconditional love where we have compassion for both sides of the conflict. We must not focus on the conflict itself because that just perpetuates more conflict. The best way we can help is by being the best most authentic person we can be.

Channeling the highest part of ourselves and through that light it will draw us to act in the most suitable way for us to make the difference in the world and the change we are suppose to bring about. Many want to change the world but so few want to change themselves.

Compassion for others

Just because people don’t respect others doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be compassionate and understanding to why they are treating people the way they are.

When you live in a place of unconditional love you can see why someone would do anything. This doesn’t mean we condone it, it just means we can see from a place of knowing. This is enlightenment.