Those strong hands wrapped around my waist, Am I your sealed fate

Soul mate whirlwind marriage bells ring in the wind

Now look around it’s my love you’ve found
That hat you wear gives me chills

Chilled to the heart, like a wild fire without start

Mixing us, Girls like me and men like you 
It’s like God made us to become more

As my man you kiss me so, I bloom my flower to incite your power

Riled up, I got your manliness from square one
I’m the wife, the lady girl like a glowing pearl 

Now I flutter as you ask what’s my favorite word

It’s you, It’s all you, Every word to describe you


Butterfly Fantasy


Every night when I linger off to sleep I go into a world that’s in between

A place I’m seen beyond every possible feat I claim honor for

Where I’m bathed in gold as I’m prepared for the throne


Successful butterfly fantasies are everything I fancy

There’s a ransom for her success as they know she is nothing less

Seen as blessed as I lay down in glamour and rest


All this press in this pretty red dress, I’ve always known I was the best


Nothing like the rest she’s overcome every initiation, test and it’s set

Now all these beautiful thoughts will garner the new age

She is Queen Sage