Skies of Humanity

The skies so blue, so appearing here and there. The freedom within that sings within the heart of humanities win. You see there are no sins just experiences to bring forthcoming grain.
Grain of love, an abundant harvest of everlasting love. Free, righteous for all. Will you focus and call forth the grandest joy of all. Will you turn away from the fear, the lack, poverty and deadly woes. Seek within, find the friend o love in your heart. The gift you’ve been given to transcend.
The happiness, the bliss, the loving unions, reunions. The dinner table laughs, the smiling faces covered in dirt. The playing children basking in the innocence of childhood. The mothers giving life. The fathers uplifting through strife.
My darling dear one, do you see it’s what side you choose? Will you focus on love or will you choose the blues? Breathtaking views, angelic kisses. Falling in love, charity for the lost. A world so loving, so joyfully found. If you look around you’ll see LOVE is here ringing loud.

Ascension: You’ve made it!

Thank you, Dear ones. 👼👼👼 

Thank you for calling forth your grandest vision, for doing the much needed internal work. Thank you for peeling back the layers, transmitting the pain into unconditional love & transcending the ego self. You are so free, so loved, so eternally connected to source consciousness.

You have made so much progress, you have done your work diligently. You have made mistakes along the way, many mistakes. Yet you’ve never given up, you’ve let despair take over. You’ve traveled the depths of hell. Yet the light of God, of spirit has lead you back. You are the truest definition of strength.

You have experienced the duality of this world like a true light champion. You have saw the ego for what it is & that is a tool. You now know it’s not the enemy, it’s nothing more than a primal force of the material world.  

 You my child are a divine eternal being of everlasting love. Thank you for becoming who you really are! Thank you for calling forth the grandest unconditional LOVE ever conceivable! Enjoy your well deserved success, recognition, peace of mind & heart. Most of all eternal divine LOVE with source within your divine partner. 

You see source is within all things, appreciate all things and you will be the closest to source you can become. Enjoy life, enjoy the world. Teach the lost, inspire the uninitiated. Show the world the truest, most authentic, loving version of who you are.

Always remember you are of the divine. You are eternal within all things. Fly free my dove, my butterfly. May every angel bless you for all eternity.

Thank you.


Oh yes my faithful ways, My dreamy eyes

I ask and it’s still a surprise, oh my life

What a wonderful ride in a golden garb

Wonders some deem impossible, I see through the lens of unity & all it’s already done 
My burning heart, my loving bones

My darling freedom rings in the wind

I’m a lady, Your lady, Lady of the world
A cosmic child of the stars, A living fathom

I get what I want, I become who I am

My abundance, my heart filled sparkling show of theatrics
You see my cowboy my King, I am divine royalty, do you see you are too?

The true chosen are the ones whom choose thyself to be the best they can

I turn dry brittle war ridden lands into fertile grounds of everlasting life, I am the way

Follow me and all your dreams will come to be 



I am Love

I am Joy

I am Peace

I am everlasting

I am Eternal

I am who I am

I am thankful for who I am

I love life

I trust in love

I trust in Faith

I am Faith

I have faith in faith

I have faith in love

I am Beauty

I am forever

I am loved

I have beckoned the love of my wildest dreams

I’m honored to say I’m forever free

Free in love, free in spirit, free in eternity

I love love, so many beautiful colors, I love my all, I love all

Forever in love, profound deep miraculous love, it’s just love

Love for us all, love for Joy, I am love

Living a love filled dream, my reality, my amazing life


Heart of Glory


I’m inside a mansion of marble with so many tall white pillars

A glowing light beams in clouds of Glory, such Love fills the air

A peaceful way, a loving manner, a heart of grandeur

Now she dances through every billowing passage of eternity

Spaces of the most magnificent colors guiding her soul

Love has won, may the unity of so many, so much forever be so true

So true for all, for this love of many flowers goes on infinitely

Through a forest, through all the trees in a breeze, Princess now Queen

Flying locks of golden rays it’s so beautiful I am amazed

Freedom like a bird within a colorful dream, a vision to behold, a place to be



I found the the rose you placed in my subconscious mind

I knew when I found it I was shining in what makes me who I am 

As I am such a lamb yet even so powerful like a million Angels 
I come to the humans and cradle their souls in my love 

Blessing the ones whom believe in their dreams, I turn them into reality 

Holy rite is the passage of where I’ve been, I ascended yet again 
I smile at the prospects of everything I’ve achieved in my fruitful garden 

I dance through my realization so glad everything has come to manifestation 

I found the process much more than I ever imagined yet now I seethe 
Seethe in the glory of what it means to create, to win with everything 

It happened because I believed even when death was near, through every tear 

Faith came tenfold and saved the day, now I’m flying in my fame
This is the story of a winner, a woman who despite all odds achieved more than the world had every known 

The Game: You make the rules!


Breaking free from the statistics, the odds, the rules of ‘the game’. I’ve heard so many times well the chances are this or that. You know how many people wish they could have that and don’t! You know how crazy you are if you think you can achieve that! You have to work a regular job to survive! You have to play to the rules of the system to win the game!

Absolutely NOT! I do not nor do you have to play to the rules of the system. You can live in a mindset where you have all the odds stacked against you OR you can live in the mindset of you make the RULES. I am what I am and I manifest what I choose!

I won’t buy into the rules of a system built on fear, greed and hopelessness. I buy into the source where when you tap into the infinity of the universe and the creator of ALL provides abundance and availability.

We are all given this gift of free will, yet so few know how to cultivate it and even fewer harness it but times are changing.

I let GO of all the rules I’ve been taught. I let go of the mindset of small thinking, I am EXCELLENT. I am the master of my game of life.

I am a force that demands, does and is. I am that I am and that is a powerful human being with the capability to change the world through the transformation of myself.

The chains of wretchedness have disintegrated, the gates of infinite possibilities of the universe have opened. I’ve walked through with an open heart and mind. I believe in the amazement of life.

With the power of my mind my will is done!