Letting go of Resistance

Letting Go


I made the decision to change many months ago when I started this blog. Slowly but surely I’ve kept the commitment amid many setbacks. Yet, I’ve overcome much. I’ve learnt how strong I really am. I’ve also learnt how painful transformation can be. Yet I am wise enough to understand that to stay the same and suffer is a pain I refuse to ever experience again. The pain of transformation is a beautiful type of pain. A pain to understand, to even come to love.

Because as I cry as I feel my body and spirit letting go I know I’m overcoming. I know the negative resistant energy is being released so my deepest desires can be fulfilled. It’s important for me to not judge myself as I let go. Which I notice I haven’t been. Changing yourself from within can be quite challenging at times. Yet the purity and happiness I feel from continually making the decision to do so supersedes any resistance.

I’m becoming the woman I’ve aspired to be. I think it’s important for us to every once in a while stop and take note of how far we have come. I’m learning to live more for the journey than the destination. I think that’s something I am truly coming to understand on a newer, deeper level. I often do as many of us do get so caught up focusing on where we want to be that we forget how far we have come. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Now that doesn’t go to say that our desired destinations wont be pleasing.
Because when I intend for something, focus on something and intently feel the emotions of something. I am summoning that desire into my life. Yet it’s who I become on my way to manifesting it that counts. So now I can sit in the glory of my manifestation, of my destination and bask in all I’ve become to get here. I can bask in all that I have done to make this moment be for me. Through that culmination is when inspiration permeates. People see that and it energizes and inspires them, that’s the whole point.

To love, to inspire, to create, to evolve, to expand. This is why we came here to this planet after all to create our lives through the thoughts we think, through thee emotions we feel. I’m the only one who can choose what thoughts I think, the emotions I feel. You are the only one can think and feel for you. It’s your choice, your life. Follow your dreams and remember change is inevitable but transformation is a choice.


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