The Ascension of Cosmic Order 

A special little rose garden blooms in her eyes, Her love has come forth 

Spring time dandelions live in her heart as she summons her dream man from afar 

The Ascension of an eternal star from a cosmic world of glamour dreams 
As he makes his presence known, she is reaping what she’s sewn

With jewels of exuberant fashion, I’ve found my man 

I serve you so, I make my life so very beautiful, so tender and alluring 
I care for you, I inspire, uplift and cherish every moment, The life of the chosen 

Infinite beauty surrounds us in clouds of divinity, I see you

You see me beyond my body, beyond words, beyond this fickle world 
I’ve summoned the man of my dreams, I manifested it all perfectly 

Unconditionally forever there after, I’m your shining star

Forever eternally in your life, I’m so thankful you’re now mine 


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