I found the the rose you placed in my subconscious mind

I knew when I found it I was shining in what makes me who I am 

As I am such a lamb yet even so powerful like a million Angels 
I come to the humans and cradle their souls in my love 

Blessing the ones whom believe in their dreams, I turn them into reality 

Holy rite is the passage of where I’ve been, I ascended yet again 
I smile at the prospects of everything I’ve achieved in my fruitful garden 

I dance through my realization so glad everything has come to manifestation 

I found the process much more than I ever imagined yet now I seethe 
Seethe in the glory of what it means to create, to win with everything 

It happened because I believed even when death was near, through every tear 

Faith came tenfold and saved the day, now I’m flying in my fame
This is the story of a winner, a woman who despite all odds achieved more than the world had every known 


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