Law of Attraction: Vibrating in your desired outcome!

Holding the vibration of the desired outcome!



As we continue to choose the thoughts that uplift, empower and solidify our dreams we must be constantly aware of our thoughts. It only takes one thought to shift your vibration. Holding the vibration of what we desire as if we’ve already achieved it (even when we haven’t) is how we manifest what we want into our lives. We must first become and be that energy in mind so then we can be there in physical.

It can be quite challenging to continue to stay in the vibration of what we desire when our reality reflects something so much different. This is where our subconscious mind begins to realize that we mean business because we are continually holding our vibration in place. This shouldn’t be a strenuous activity as that would project fear that it wont be done. It should be a grateful focus knowing that it is as we want it to be.

Through letting go of any fearful negative thoughts that come up and instantly transmuting them to fuel our success we actually strengthen our desire. This is what it means to be a master of thought, a master of life, a master mind. When we can focus our energy into what we truly want and believe it is already ours, then the universe must deliver. There is absolutely no other way, it’s universal law.

You put enough energy into something and it then turns into tangible matter. It’s important we let go of exactly how it is done or exactly when as this is not our duty. Our duty is to just believe and hold our vibration so we can allow it to manifest in our lives in divine order. So as we continually choose to resonate in what it means to be a walking dream come true we will then actualize those dreams!

So let’s stay resonating in our dreams and it will be. I let go of when, how and every other detail that is beyond my control. I know with full faith and divine expectation my desires are met!


2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: Vibrating in your desired outcome!

  1. Great post! I love that you said we can change our vibration with just one thought! Puts things into perspective for those of us that find it hard to change. 😊

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