Law of Attraction: Pushing the Boundaries!

Pushing the boundaries!


Pushing our boundaries, expanding our mind so we can create and manifest the life we truly desire. It’s all about fueling the raging fire within ourselves. The fire that calls out to us to beckon the existence we are meant to live. To experience life in all it’s grandeur and beauty. In order to transition from one place in life to another place, we must expand.

Expansion is the very embodiment of life in every form. We are continually and constantly expanding to develop character through experience. When we are not expanding we are suffering. We now know that we have chosen evolution and expansion over suffering. So with that choice being made we must now continually push our boundaries and challenge ourselves to go beyond what we think we are capable of, expanding our horizons.

It can feel quite uncomfortable and anxiety is bound to pop up. Yet this is when we take deep breaths and understand that we must venture outside of current vibration to become the frequency of the life we are truly desiring. So lets all use this new year to push our selves to succeed. To know we are worthy of every dream we can dream.

If we can imagine it, visualize it, believe it within our hearts and let go with complete faith that that thy will is done; it will happen! There is no other way. This is how the manifestation process works, we must continually and consciously focus on only what we want and the emotions that those goals bring. Feel it as you already have it and trust that it is yours!


4 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: Pushing the Boundaries!

  1. This post really hits the nail on the head – when you feel as if you already have something and focus on that, it will manifest itself into your life! When I was looking for graduate work near the end of college I would think to myself ‘i have a great career in marketing’ everyday, and now I’m working for one of the top marketing companies in the country! I did a video about my experiences with the law of attraction on my VERY small Youtube channel – I’d love your feedback! Thanks!

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