Underwater City

Underwater cities where I come to live ritzy

My supernatural soul is the only show I bow too

I soothe with my performance as it’s quite alarming 
My friends call me lady darling, flashy like a Harley 

Alarming in this omnipresent aura, my baby paints me in his mural

Floral fixation is everything I want in life, it’s my holy destination 
My fascination with all things glorious makes many so curious

You see, you watch, you look, I peak

I step upon this pinnacle of being a glittering freak
I’ve gotten what I seek, now reach and I’ll share my stakes 

At this rate I’ll have you all saved, we’ll live in our own city state

This underwater home, it’s the place that caresses your soul
Now come with me and in eternity we shall roam 


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