Seething in all this passion as I cash this check

Half insane is what it takes to make gains in a matrix aloud

I float on ten thousand clouds as I’m now found


My reputation makes its rounds and I accept that as I should

I could always disappear yet I care to much, I take pride in being seen

The secret of how it all works is how I became Holly Ann Kurt


I pick up my eyes, I plaster on the most joyful face

It’s all reality, it’s just a fact that I breathe in golden air

Cameras dare get the best angle


I blink in desire as I’m completely on fire

 Burn me in the glory of what it means to be a winner

Burn me like a witch as I know all the esoteric secrets


Yet I know you wont, I’ve achieved this for a reason

It will last so many seasons, I smile in the face of every heathen


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