Ambiance Extravaganza 

Sunny disposition is this woman wishing

As I glisten in the ambiance of extravagance I know I’m elegant 

I spread every jewel in disposition to my bestowed honor 
Hallelujah to every thought that’s created the destiny of the stars

The twinkle of glamour is how I serve my people

Through their heart I call upon each one to stand 
Stand for the righteous, a mighty force of dignity 

Sure I have a past and God knows a mouth full of sass

I’m more than a lass, I’m a wealthy woman with trophies of glass
As I sit upon this pentacle my skin comes alive in freedom

My hair sways in the essence of eternal beauty

Clearly my glow is summoned from heaven 
Seven pentacles sit upon my head and one shields my heart 

I match make every lonely soul, I give diamonds to the poor

I bathe the weak in the power of divinity, I see what’s to be seen 
I comfort the fiends, I dedicate my glory to something greater 

I know this life of wealth comes with great responsibility 
Yet it wouldn’t be mine if I didn’t have the capability

In this white silk gown I fly through every storm

With this winning ticket I’m the one who did it 


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