Self Worth: The Foundation of Dreams

Self Worth


I’m sure this is something we’ve all contemplated at some point in our lives or many continual points for me personally. Self worth is the the ability or conscious awareness of of self in a way that is wholesome. It’s something I’ve been learning to find, accept and fall in love with.

In a world that so often profits off low self esteem many of us find our selves lost in the maze of insanity. Life is so beautiful yet so challenging, yet it’s through our challenges we learn. Becoming the best us we can be and achieving the life of our dreams really does start with worthiness.

How can we achieve anything if we don’t believe we are worthy of it? In order for us to achieve greatness we must feel worthy of living a great life. I think self worth just stems from the decision to focus on the good things about ourselves. We all have talents, gifts, special things about ourselves that make us unique. It’s important to focus on what we are good at and what we do like about ourselves so we can enhance and cultivate these tools.

These are the tools we use to excel in life. It’s taken me twenty five years to find my passion, my calling and to really know what I’m good at. So don’t despair if you still aren’t quite sure. I think the best way to find your passion is through meditation and using that meditation for the intention of finding your purpose. That is what lead me to truly and fully understanding what I was meant to do and be.

So when we feel we are worthy, when we channel our worthiness by becoming everything it means to be worthy in spirit first. We can then manifest a life of worthiness which in returns perpetuates a life of greatness. I’ve come to find worth in who I am as a being, a person. Every day, every thought is a chance to identify with the goodness within. When we learn to do that we then find ourselves feeling a deep satisfaction and wholeness.

That’s what self worth truly is!


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