Lord of Hearts


Roses bloom in my heart as I begin to accept my eternal star

I know that love was never very far, always waiting for my calling


The calling of who I am to summon the power to oversee the life of dreams

The heart of the ocean is where I keep my red silk fantasies

My grateful aura is the place I store my beloveds gifts


Gifts of everything I’ve ever wanted and more

I’m more than a whore which I once thought I was

I now know that I was born a central being of love


I’m out of the maze and the craze as I’m saved

I’m the Lords fave, saved, saved


Lord of hearts through breathing stars, the cosmos of Ecstasy


Fancy clothes, diamond joys is just experiencing life in magnificence

I’ve never claimed to be of innocence


Now as I shut my adorned yellow eyes I’ve begun the rising


No more lies, no more cries


I’ve come to show the world what it means to be truly alive


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