Golden Dreams


One moment is all it took

Life is forever changed, I won’t ever be the same

I promise I’ll always stay sane


Now frame me in that picture all my listeners

This moment is everything I’ve waited for

I’ve opened the red door


All it took was letting go to let the pieces flow

Flow into place to create this desired time in space


I will live for the ones who’ve lost their dreams

The ones who can’t bare to open their eyes from gloom & doom

Watch my television show as it’s airing soon


They tell me it will be in June

Golden dreams is everything I preach, in purple divinity my blood bleeds

All because of this winning deed, a planted seed was the eternal tree


Which forth has set me free


11 thoughts on “Golden Dreams

    • All great and successful dreams have had great obstacles. That’s what makes it great because all that you’ve overcome to achieves it!

      Liked by 1 person

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