Walking in Truth


Walking in what I know to be, allowing myself to become what it is that I’ve always known I was. Becoming the best woman I’ve aspired to be through my choice to resonate as her. I felt it today, felt that I was walking in my hearts desire. The freedom I felt in that was like floating through the gates of heaven.


I have made a conscious choice to manifest my highest desire, to become everything I’ve fantasized about.


The tears of a woman that can wash away all the suffering she’s endured. Endured from spiritual abuse, self abuse, the abuse from others.


Walking in the path of being whole, being healed. Just as I manifest and become everything I’ve ever wanted. I feel such fire, passion and drive.


I’ve always known but now I truly believe it.


The world is mine, everything I want is infinitely provided from the universe. Achieving my dreams while bringing others up, helping them transcend through my ascendance.


From a girl in the hospital bound on suicide with my soul screaming for me to wake up. To now a woman that is letting go of everything that doesn’t serve me. All negative energy, all negative ways of thinking and behaving is purged.



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