Transformation: Emotional Upheaval

Going through the initiation of altering your personality to bring about a new personal reality is quite the emotional journey.


One paradigm of the mind is shattering and another is being built from the remnants of those pieces. Through the process we feel discomfort and emotional upheaval, which feels like you are losing your mind. Yet that’s the whole purpose to lose your old mind to become the new mind. We now know that mind creates reality so with a new mind comes a new reality.

I’ve been feeling a roller coaster amount of emotions! Everything from pure euphoria to a feeling of loss. It’s not a negative feeling though, it’s like a release. Yet loss and change is always challenging even if it’s what you truly desire. Through the breaking of old emotional patterns we form new abundant and desirable patterns & conditions.

So I know this feeling of loss is truly for my benefit and I’m holding stead fast onto faith and trust. Trusting that everything is happening according to divine order and all is extraordinary. I do know that time is not linear and everything exists all at ONCE; as everything is one. So with that being said I can understand the importance of trusting the process and with that being done we become the pentacle of our deepest desires.

Transformation isn’t ever truly easy yet once it’s done ease and grace will permeate. I accept my calling in the now. I surrender to the knowing and being of oneness and peace within my desires. I understand through the process of letting go that I’m just freeing myself from unsuitable emotions so I can live in the eternal now and become the life I want.

So as we go through the ever evolving manifestation of what it means to be a spiritual being in a physical realm; we understand this is all much greater than us. I accept my divinity, my happy ending, my happy beginning and my happy now all at once.


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